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Newman's Own Cookies

I need another cookie like I need a hole in the head, but have consistently give the Newman's chocolate mint cookies and the Ginger-O's "the eye" but have never taken the plunge and bought them?

Would love some Hound feedback on these cookies.

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  1. Their version of the Oreo is stupendous -- the chocolate cookie is dark and rich and the cream filling is <gasp> actually creamy!

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    1. re: Carrie 218

      I agree. My husband bought some the other day and I found myself sneaking a few. And they are trans fat free.

    2. ditto what Carrie 218 said about the mint oreos. mmm. have not tried the ginger-o's. love the fig newmans.

      1. Through work connections, I've sampled a number of NO snack products (they are based in Aptos, CA). As a whole, I don't care for them. I do remember thinking that the ginger-o's were the best of the lot, but for the calories, I much prefer Carr's ginger lemon cremes. I didn't like any of the chocolate-based products and found the chocolate bars pretty sad. I guess they may be healthier than their counterparts, but I'd rather eat a fresh, crunchy apple...

        1. I've found NO chocolate cookie to be a bit on the hard side, but tasty enough. I just think that Nabisco had the recipe down pat, although Oreo's haven't been the same since they took out the transfat. Is it possible to buy a no-cream Oreo?

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            I agree that the cookie part is too hard. Of the Oreo-type cookies I've tried, I think Trader Joe's Joe-Joes are the best, in all their various flavors, although they're not organic like Newman's.

          2. The Ginger-O's are fantastic! They are the only packaged cookie I ever buy.

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            1. re: veggielover

              I agree - I could practically live on them. I was very sorry when my local grocer stopped carrying them. I think I was the only one in the neighborhood buying them (although I was buying a couple of packages a week!).

            2. i have tried the ginger-o cookies. it is a nice combination.

              after reading an article on slavery in the chocolate industry, i am trying to only buy chocolate from companies that aren't implicated in it...newman's is one of them! so i would say they are worth trying for that reason.

              i love the "tops and bottoms" cookies by newman's. they are basically oreos without the cream...so you can just eat the pure chocolate cookie, or put your own filling on them (pumpkin butter is very tasty! so is ice cream.) i am more of a chocoholic than a cream person, though.

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                Yes, love those tops & bottoms - crunchy, very cocoa-y, and low fat so I don't feel bad about munching down the whole bag! Great for a chocolate munchie craving - one of the very few packaged cookies I buy.

              2. Man, those Ginger-Os get to me. I think I'll eat only 2, then somehow I keep coming back to the bag until I've eaten an indecent amount of them and the only reason I don't eat more is because I'm just so ashamed of myself.

                So yeah, they're good.

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                  Yeah, the TJ vanilla O's are the same way -- the crack of cookies. You think one or two is plenty because they're intense and a few hours go by and half the box is gone. I gave them up because of this.

                2. Take a look at the Double Chocolate Mint Chip - they are surprisingly low calorie, satisfying and NUTRITIOUS!

                  1. The ginger-o's are great - I have to hide them from myself or I would eat the whole package!
                    I have been known to buy a package, eat a few cookies, and bring the rest to work just to get them out of my reach at home...they disappear quickly in the office too!

                    1. I'm really fond of the Ginger-O's and don't buy them too often, because like others have said, I can't keep out of them. Sometimes, the cookies seem a bit on the hard side, but the flavor combo is great. I especially like them dunked in milk!

                      1. I've tried and rejected most of Newman's offerings (even though he shares my birthday and seems like a totally cool guy and I want to like them!), but I really, really like the regular fig bars. Fat, moist, nice chew, good hit of vanilla. Even better than Fig Newtons, and that's saying a lot!