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Oct 3, 2006 03:42 PM

Savory Oatmeal

You all know how good oatmeal is for us, but I can't stand it with sugar or milk. I've found that I like it with onions, bell pepper, little garlic, tomato and seasonings. But I am not very creative, so can anyone help, So I can eat my oatmeal?

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  1. Sometimes I like it with a fried egg. I love oatmeal but, don't like eggs much. But, this works. If you enjoy sausage and eggs try puting the sausage in the oatmeal. - How about looking at your oatmeal as a polenta dish or a risotto?

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    1. re: Kitchen Queen

      I've never made risotto. Is it made with cream and parmesan cheese?

      1. re: geekgirl

        Risotto is easy. Try this link: . Add to the oatmeal if you like. I can imagine eating it with grilled fish. Heck, I'd even grill already cooked oatmeal - Use mesquite smoking chips, then add butter and your fav. freshly grated cheese then grill for a short time- Asiago ? Or make thin oatmeal crisps -patty already made oatmeal (thin), add a little cheese and or green onion, then fry/saute in a little EVOO, salt and top w/fresh grilled fish filet and a little reduced balsamic vinegar and maple syrup?? Side w/ grilled aspargus or green beans. I love the packages of orange squash and sweet potato from Trader Joes. I saute together and sweeten with a little maple syrup. Sound good?? :)KQ

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          Also - Check out the comments from stove top stuffing - There's a nifty little spinach ball recipe. Use oatmeal instead of stuffing -just add the herbs and spices always found in stuffing -YUM!

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            I love the idea of grilling the oatmeal. Hope I remember this when it BBQ time again. Thanks for the tip Kitchen Queen!

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              in the meantime, try pan-seared oatmeal. it's one of my favorites!

              here's a recent discussion we had about it:

              and a couple of recipes to get you started so you can see the method/process:

              you can just serve it with a savory sauce instead of sweet. try tomato, mushroom, pesto, curry, mole, tahini, peanut...

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                Since it's fried in oil rather than a dry pan, I think 'pan fried' is probably a more accurate description, even if 'seared' sounds sexier.

                1. re: will47

                  searing ≠ dry pan (and i don't fry my food, pan or otherwise).

                  a swipe of the pan surface with a dab of coconut oil works for me and i'd hardly call that frying...

      2. I once saw an interesting recipe for leftover oatmeal made into little cakes (bound with egg, I think), but you could just make it a little less watery than usual, and then do the same thing. You could season and doctor it any way you might normally do a non-meat burger before pan-frying - e.g. mexican, with black beans, tomatoes, cumin and cilantro, asian, with lemongrass, lime, mint&basil, italian, with tomatoes, spinach, basil & cheese, indian, with chickpeas, curry spices, and mango pickle on the side.

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        1. re: Sam Ottawa

          I see a creative way with oatmeal! I'll give it a try, and restrain myself from adding my favorite topping for everything-cheese!

          1. I will use chicken broth to make my oatmeal most of the time - and then if you add other little bits like egg, meat, cilantro whatever, it reminds me of Chinese jook! YUM.

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            1. re: maybelle

              That's how my parents raised us: thin oatmeal with soy sauce or chicken stock when real jook wasn't ready. I didn't know people ate oatmeal with sweeteners until I moved away to college - how weird!

              1. re: Claudette

                And I thought I was the only weird one who puts soy sauce and white pepper in "oatmeal jook"!

                1. re: S U

                  This is why I love Chow! I was just sitting here thinking of what to do with my chicken stock - and decided to try making oatmeal juk for breakfast. Delicious and healthy!

                  So if I'm to make my oatmeal 'juk' style, should I increase the amount of water used for the right texture?

                  1. re: S U

                    Me too! My mother used to make us oatmeal for breakfast with little bits of minced beef in it and yes, soy sauce and white pepper, maybe a few bits of choong snipped over. It never occured to me that she made it as a substitute for jook.

                    Her sweet version is oats boiled in water, cooked thick, then a spoonful of sweetened condensed milk stirred in. That's how I still love it now. It's the only time I eat sweetened condensed milk.

              2. My Mom would make "sopa de Quaker" (oatmeal soup) for us when we were babies and when i had babies of my own I tried it and they loved it. its very good. Basically its chicken soup with oats instead of noodles.

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                1. re: bolivianita

                  Same here with the soup, but we toast the oats in a bit of butter then add the stock/veggies. It's really good!!

                2. The texture of the oatmeal can help; especially if you use steel cut oats or the Irish oats. They taste different from the rolled oats. You can think of it as a porridge or pilaf and put all kinds of neat things in it. I've had it with butter, butter and garlic, all kinds of fruit including cut up apples, strawberries and bananas, all cooked into the grains. A fried egg tasted great on top one day, another day I had a poached egg with ham on it. So let your imagination run wild. Besides oatmeal is supposed to lower your cholesterol.