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Oct 3, 2006 03:29 PM

Osushi doesn't do too well when busy

We hit it for dinner Sunday night and it was surprisingly busy (around 2/3 full). Unfortunately, their tiny kitchen just can't deal w/ that many people. It took nearly an hour for our food to get there and the spider (soft shell crab) roll came over lukewarm at best. The unagi hako also had rice that seemed a bit too packed so it wasn't as melt in your mouth. The sashimi regular entree also doesn't normally come w/ ginger apparently, so you have to ask for it.

I wish Douzo's nori (the seaweed wrappers for maki rolls) wasn't so chewy compared to Osushi's :-P

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  1. the reason the nori at douzo (or anywhere for that matter) is chewy is because it has been sitting around for a while, or in contact with most rice for too long, ie. waiting to be picked up by the server!

    1. yep, it's chewy if it absorbs water from the rice and if it's not fresh...not sure what it is at Douzo, but their spider rolls are usually warm at least :-P

      1. Yes. I agree. Once, on a busy night, my yellowtail was served to me pratically still frozen.