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Oct 3, 2006 03:17 PM

Celebratory Lunch Tomorrow--Ideas?

Prefer Boston proper and something fun or with bit of drama, maybe Locke Ober for martinis and lunch? I don't much like No. 9 (overrated, IMHO). Perhaps a small plates kind of place, so we can have a leisurely multi-course-fest/feast? Food is #1, setting #2, price not so much an issue (it is lunch after all).

Maybe Bristol Lounge or Grotto or Pierrot Bistro? I've not been to any of these. The menus at Davio's and Ivy look interesting, but are they any good? Via Matta has been my go-to place for upscale lunches, so that's a pass this time. I'm drawing a blank on lunch options in the North End, besides Neptune which has been my other go-to place. (Who's on an Italian kick?)

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  1. Locke Ober certainly has the "drama" bit down. Pretty good food, too.

    Radius also serves lunch.

    1. Probably no drama, but Jake Wirth's might be fun for something different

      1. Bristol Lounge fits the bill quite well. I have had good experiences there.

        You might consider the Oak Room in this class as well. Good food and dramatic room. Or Ruth's Chris' Steak House and Smith & Wollensky, both of which have historic settigs and serve lunch.

        1. The steak houses are a good idea but if you haven't been to Davio's yet, that would definitely work. Not sure what the day time atmosphere is like, it's usually pretty fun and lively at nite, and mmm those chicken livers.

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            Joanie, It took my staff to Davio's for lunch last year and the place was packed and lively - but still great service. this was around the Christmas Holiday Season, but I suspect they do a pretty lively lunch trade - and mmm those chicken livers.

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              I was thinking of you when I added Davio's to the list of potentials as I recall you've always had solid experience there.

            2. Sel de la Terre is my favorite special occasion lunch. Get a steak frite or any fish entree -- reasonably prices and really yummy :)

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