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Oct 3, 2006 03:08 PM

Indian Pizza, who has your favorite?

From all the great replies from a previous post I've learned about something I've never hear of before, Indian Pizza. We'll be visiting for a week with two other couples that aren't crazy about going out for Indian. But, my wife and I love it and really want to try Indian Pizza. Which restaurant has the best Indian pizza and how do your order yours? Can any of these places also accomadate a few people that aren't crazy about Indian?

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    1. Raja on Haight St. at Fillmore in the lower Haight, has Indian was mentioned it was an offshoot of Zante's but I have never had the Pizza there to do a comparison.
      What exactly do you mean by "accomodate" your friends?
      If it means making the food mildly spicy, you just have to request it that way...or perhaps they can have Tandoori chicken, breads, basmati rice, mango lassi or chai...all not particularly heavy on spice...

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        I actually liked the Raja Indian Pizza (with spinach), better than Zante's.

        As the menu in the link that Amy has below indicates, you can get 'regular' (ie non-Indian) pizza and calzones at Zante's. However, if I were your friends, I'd be pretty unhappy at being forced to have that for one of my few meals in SF. Perhaps you all could go to Zante's and they could head to one of the many good restaurants nearby: La Ciccia, Lotus Garden, Blue Plate, just to name a few of many good places within walking distance of Zante's....Or, if you chose Raja, you could take the Indian pizza over to Toronado across the street and they could at least enjoy the city's best selection of Belgian beers while watching you eat it...

        Overall, I think the Indian food is better at Raja than at Zante's, but I am not sure that is saying a lot. If you want good Indian food, consider Vik's in Berkeley, or Sultan in San Francisco.

      2. Another solution would be to get an Indian pizza delivered, and enjoy it yourselves. Zante delivers citywide (I tend to like to crisp it up a bit more once it arrives). The vegetarian and the regular version are very tasty.

          1. in Redwood City (Pav Bhaji, Tandoori Veggies & Tandoori Chicken Pizza) (650) 365-6543