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Oct 3, 2006 02:48 PM

So, what about that Inn At Little Washington?

We have a reservation for next Thursday night. And I can't decide whether to cancel or not.

I've heard and read about it for years, we will be travelling and passing right by there.....but is it as good as "they" say?

It is $128 per person on a Thursday evening.

Has anyone been there recently?

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  1. I haven't been in several years, but IMO it is definitely worth it....and as good as "they" say. I recommend staying there as the Inn is wonderful and the breakfast the following morning is phenominal, but it's definitely worth the $$$ for dinner when one has the opportunity.

    1. keep your reservation. it's definitely worth it. something everyone who appreciates fine dining should experience once. the kitchen's creativity and the restaurant's attention to detail and level of service are unparalleled.

      1. I haven't been recently -- I went a year ago. But yes, it is as good as "they" say. It was a magical evening. I can't wait to go 5 years or so when i've saved up enough money!

        1. I went on April 9th. It was my one year wedding anniversary. It was absolutely wonderful. For the best possible experience, try to stay overnight. Do tea in the afternoon. It is a fantastic experience. Breakfast is ridiculously amazing.

          Yes. Go. It's everything "they" say it is and more.

          Have fun!!!

          1. We have eaten there on a number of occasions...We spent several days of our honeymoon there (having dinner, tea, and breakfast every day of our stay) and visited again for several days for an anniversary celebration. So, we have had many a meal there. It is "everything they say" and worth every penny. Absolutely impeccable.