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Oct 3, 2006 02:27 PM

Scotch flights?

Anyone out there have recommendations for spots that have scotch tastings/flights?

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  1. There's one on October 19 at the Ritz Carlton. It's about $100 to get in...

    1. cambridge center for adult ed has scotch classes most terms. Generally 2-3 nights, center on one region (highland/lowland, islay). Also have a Bourbon class that gets thrown into the mix. I would suggest public transport for after class as driving would be illegal.

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        The Boston Center for Adult Ed has a one-night scotch tasting with Darryl Goss. He's excellent.

      2. Keep an eye on the events calenday at

        We went to a Maker's Mark tasting/special dinner at Spire we saw advertised there a few years ago and learned a lot!

        Hmm, there's one tonight for Bombay Sapphire... wonder if I can snag a babysitter on short notice...!

        1. The Cambridge Center has it all, doesn't it?
          Do let me know if you hear of any others....

          1. I don't know if the Fed does flights per se, but I know they have an extensive Scotch selection...

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              Where is the Fed or are we talking the Federalist?