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Sweet Chili, Arlington

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Bottom Line: gracious service, flavorful food, HUGE portions.

Arrived at Sweet Chili at about 9:30PM last night, a really, really late night dinner for yours truly. Crossed the border from Belmont to Arlington because Belmont closes down at 9PM. Poked my head in to sweet chili because my wife really really wanted thai food, and they graciously consented to serve us diner despite the closeness to the closing hour (10 PM). Only one other table was occupied and they left shortly after we arrived.

Service was gracious, fast and friendly. Starters of Som Tum (papaya salad) and fresh rolls were crisp and spicy with clear, elegant flavors. The thai basil in the fresh rolls was the dominant flavor, with crunchiness from veggies and lesser flovor contributions from shrimp.

Ba me num (noodle soup)was only 5 or 6$ and was a huge pot of soup with shrimp dumplings, large shrimp, noodles, etc. More than a meal by itself. I didn't get to try, but looked great.

Beef with lemongrass and ginger had fresh, crispy veggies, flavorful sauce and was a huge platter. Thai curry green beans were the highlight of the meal - rich, spicy, flavorful sauce with crispy green beans, pea pods, sweet red peppers and chicken slices. I'm salivating as I think about the leftovers for dinner tonight.

Check came to $50 with a glass of wine (limited wine menu) and a beer. Left a huge tip that the waitstaff were chuckling about as a thankyou for staying open. Easily could have fed four with the amount of food we got.

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  1. I lived in Arlington for a few years, and Sweet Chili is one of the things I miss about it. Glad to hear it's still good.

    1. I keep forgetting about Sweet Chili. Arlington has so many good restaurants that it is easy to overlook some of them, I guess. It's funny--Arlington was such a culinary wasteland back in the 1970s and 1980s, with nothing but sub shops and pizza places.