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Oct 3, 2006 02:10 PM

Stone Park Cafe all its cracked up to be?

I was recommended Stone Park as one of the best restaurants in Park Slope, and if only the food and service were as good as the location/atmosphere. The outside space is fantastic, but the waiters had a bit of an aloof, snobbish vibe. Also, my octopus salad was terrible--I couldn't even eat it. Should I try again, or is this what I'm likely to experience twice?

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  1. I'm a fan of Stone Park. I think some of the house specialties are reliably enjoyable, including the bluefish cake, the smoked fish, the salmon. I'm not a meat eater, so I can't comment on the marrow bone everyone raves about.
    Through the years, Stone Park has had its ups and downs.
    Now that it accepts reservations, I think the "attitude" has toned down. Never had a problem with servers. In fact, I recently was so pleased with the attentiveness of a woman who was NOT my server, yet responded to my signal, that I complimented her. I also like the fact that one can order a full meal at the bar. The bartenders are pleasant and helpful. The wine list is one of the better ones in the Slope: in particular, I like the Priorat "Les Terrasses" from Spain. Reasonably priced, it was one of Wine Spectator's top 100 wines of the year last year and still appears on Stone Park's list. Priorats are underrecognized by American wine drinkers and are cheaper than comparable Bordeaux and Napa wines.

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      I find Stone Park reliably good. I have been there 6 times in 2 months. Service was never exceptional, but I have never had a problem, either. Brunch is a good value for the quality of food (if uninspired). I really enjoy their Bluefish Cakes with Eggs, and the Hangtown Fry is really nice if you like fried oysters.

    2. I wasn't very impressed either with my visit. The food was fine (kind of boring) and it's a nice neighborhood restaurant, but there are much better restaurants in Brooklyn, e.g., Chesnut, Saul, 360, Crave, Applewood, etc.

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        I wasn't impressed either in my 2 visits, and the service was sub-par. Simply put, in a universe that has Chesnut, Saul, 360, Applewood, Al Di La, and The Good Fork, I have to ask myself why I would want to further waste my money at Stone Park?

      2. Agree with both posters--service is spotty at best. Food-good-but nothing to rave about. Many many more desirable restaurants are nearby.
        Would like to try brunch there though-have heard better things about those experiences-with the service issues still omnipresent.

        1. i've been to stone park about 5 times in the past 6 months and have enjoyed my dining experience each time, with no service issues. however, i have gone on the earlier side (7) and during the week. i love their octopus and one of their other salads; the fish sandwich; and the corn-seafood soup. specials have also been good and they mix a nice martini.

          not the most incredible food/service on the planet, but i've not been disappointed thusfar

          1. I can see why some might say the food is a little boring but I wouldn't say it's bad in any way. I had a burger and enjoyed it quite a bit.

            When I went, the service there was great. Our waitress was very attentive, made good recommendations, and even took the time to talk to us and ask if we enjoyed the beer she recommended.