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Oct 3, 2006 01:58 PM

Any Suggestions for (1) Lunch in Portland and (2) Dinner in Bath?

Going up on Saturday to stay with relatives in Bath, we'll be stopping in Portland at lunchtime. Last time had lunch at Flatbread Pizza, OK but nothing special. Also looking for something interesting for dinner in or near Bath. Any suggestions?

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  1. Beale St. BBQ in Bath is very good. Maryellenz can be good, but sometimes the wait is too long. JR Maxwell's is bad. Solo Bistro very good but expensive. Henry & Marty in Brunswick is very good also expensive. Lunch in Portland - depends on what you want. My current favorite is Thanh Thanh (Vietnamise).

    1. Specifically in Bath, there is Kennebec Tavern, traditional Maine specialties, served in dining room or more casual bar area; views of the river. Also, Mae's Cafe has an all day menu w/ sandwiches/quesadillas, salads, and a few dinner entrees.

      North of Bath in Woolwich on Rte1 is Montsweag Roadhouse. Excellent steaks plus seafood specials in a comfortable pub atmoshere.

      For a splurge, there is Robinhood Meetinghouse in Georgetown. Excellently prepared menu, many choices featuring fresh, local ingredients.

      1. There are several good places in Brunswick. Henry and Marty's - very good. Star Fish Grill out on Route 1 - a favorite if you like seafood. Joshua's Tavern - nothing fancy, good plain pub food, excellent chowder. Richard's - German specialties, can be very good, not for the vegetarians. Great Impasta - small, popular, a little short on ambience but excellent Italian food. I'm not crazy about Beale Street in Bath, disappointing compared to Norm's in Portland.

        1. For lunch in Portland I like Duck Fat. They have great Belgian Frites (fried in duck fat, of course) and various panini (including a duck confit panini). They also have salads, and a "$5 milk shake."

          1. If you get to portland before 1pm on saturday local 188 has a great brunch. If brunch isn's your thing try Silly's or Dogfish cafe--the one near Union station I didn't love the free street one