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Oct 3, 2006 01:31 PM

Churrascarias in Astoria

Now that Churrascaria Tropical has closed - are there any other rodizio-style Brazilian meat-fests left in the 'hood? Greenfields and Master Grill just don't cut it, and I'd never been to CT (though Sabor Tropical was always really good) - anything else in that area?

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  1. Sabor tropical (Same owners of C. Tropical) have combined the restaurants it seems. You can eat Churrascaria style at sabor now, as well as order off Sabor's old menu. There was a cute little Churrascaria place on 28th ave, which is now in the process of being re modeled. It was called Girosol (sp?)Perhaps it will re open- or has already. I do not know of any others in the nabe....

    1. There are tons of 'per kilo' or 'per lb' places in Astoria that are pretty good. Not a non-stop, all-you-can-eat type, but cheap and fresh. My favorite is Brasilianville Cafe on 34th Ave. and 43rd st.

      1. A few months back I posted about the Copacabana Grill on 36th Avenue, which I like a lot. Here's the link:

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          Is this Copacabana Pizza at 31-16 36 Ave? I used to go there for Brazilian salgadhinos, including some that are like delicious empanadas, and pao de quejio. That was about all they had last year, but if they have expanded that's great news. I used to visit it after Malagueta or Cafe Jhill but now it might be worth a trip of its own.

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            I like that place too, but the steam table options are better at the Brasilianville and desserts too, imo. Not saying Copacabana's are bad, but BC's are better. I think the new dining room at Copacabana makes it more attractive to dine in though.

          2. thats the place brian... they've sold steak/sausage/chicken legs by the pound for quite a few years now. salad bar also decent, love the little pounded chicken cutlets. they recently redid the place to almost triple the seating cause it was always packed.

            1. Gosh, I don't even bother with the steam table, I just meat up! The rotisserie is a lot bigger and better than it used to be pre-renovation. The sausages are delicious, as are the steak and pork--you can ask for it medium rare or to your liking.