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Oct 3, 2006 01:21 PM

Why NOT Cameron Mitchell?

I've noticed that a few posters are vehemently opposed to Cameron Mitchell's restaurants.

I'm very curious to know why you feel the way you do.

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  1. Excellent question! I've noticed the same thing (people very anti-Cameron Mitchell restaurants) and never really understood why. It is by FAR the best place to get good fish for a reasonable price in the greater Cincinnati area (IMHO).

    1. i have eaten at four or five different cameron's places in columbus and they were all pretty good. we now have three fishmarkets in detroit (birmingham, rochester hills, and livonia) and they enjoy a pretty strong reputation. i had a piece of yellowfin there last week for lunch that was fine. he also opened a cameron's steakhouse in birmingham a couple of years ago. been there a few times and it is very good.

      1. Cameron Mitchell restaurants are, by and large, pretty good. Quality is quite high, and service is generally very efficient. However, they're also becoming totally repetitive. I've been to nearly all of them (except for Molly Woo's, which I won't visit on general principle), and there's a certain sameness to the food. The tuna appetizer, for example, is always good. But it's the same seared tuna with wasabi that fifty other restaurants serve. The same is true for the steak.

        The restaurants in Linworth and Miranova are both quite good, but there's really excellent food to be had for the same price at many other places in town (Alana's, Rigsby's, Seven Stars at the Worthington Inn, L'Antibes, Kihachi, etc.).

        1. I've been Mitchells Fishmarket and Camerons Steakhouse in Birmingham, MI many times. I've consistently found them both to be very good. Camerons has excellent filets, NY strip steaks, and lobster tails, and I love the smoked salmon appetizer with salmon mouse and the spicy pan fried calamari steak appetizer. At Mitchells, my favorites are the Shanghai sea bass and the ginger crusted salmon. And I like that you can get whatever you want however you want it. I think these are very good restaurants. But too each his or her own, certainly.

          1. I live in pittsburgh and we have a Mitchell's fish market as well. I just don't think it's good compared to some of the local fish restaurants. I thought it was overpriced and boring in terms of choices. Not that pittsburgh is a culinary genius land...but i just wasn't impressed?