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Oct 3, 2006 11:51 AM

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?

There are many posts on this board asking for recs for romantic places, for first date places, for pop the question places, for anniversary places. I never see any for the broken hearted. Outside of bars, are there any places to go when someone's about to drop the bomb on you? Or just after the megatons have hit?

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  1. I would think comfort food, but someplace you can eat at the counter so you don't have a huge table all to yourself. S&W diner in Culver City would fit the bill. Ooh, and I just remembered! We saw Katie Holmes and Chris Klein there just after their breakup, and just before the nightmare that is the TomKat era began!

    1. Triple scoops of Thrifty's ice cream, then walk aimlessly through the Rite Aid (after breakup). Or ice cream at the counter at Fair Oaks Pharmacy in South Pasadena.

      For breakup: a restaurant that will be closing soon, for good. I actually did a break up at a restaurant which then closed. It turned out absolutely perfectly. I felt greeeat right after the breakup and then everything about that relationship went away--including the ending place. :)

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          1. Drive directly to Encounter restaurant at LAX, stare out at the stark blameless sunset sky and the departing jets while you perfunctorily chew your rare steak and drain your dry martini, then walk to Southwestern Airlines and hop a cheap flight anywhere out of town within the hour...

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              Alternate version: get on that big Harley (your only true friend) and head on up the PCH to Neptunes Net. Knock back a longneck, rip apart a steamed crab, give the Harley mama at the next table a world-weary gaze, then slide back onto your hog and don't look back till you hit Santa Cruz...