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Oct 3, 2006 11:38 AM

rome -gambero rosso 3 bicchiere dinner

Hey Rome based chowers - I was thinking of going to the 3 bicchiere dinner that Gambero will do here in Rome to present (at least some of ) the 3 bicchiere winners for this year. It's kind of big bucks, but could be fun (to be honest I've never eaten well at the citta del gusto, but lots of chefs are coming in from outside). Anybody ever been? Anybody want to go? ITs the 16 of October. I'm kind of assuming it will sell out though

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  1. will be there a bit too late but would definitely go if the timing was right. i love events where there is a focus on wine. especially tre bicchiere!
    are there many events like this in rome? in nyc there seems to be a couple every week,

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      Well not as many as New York I would guess. Ususally there are large events associated with the guides coming out, so its kind of seasonal. Not sure when you will be here, but you might want to keep your eye on they usually have a big event with the guide coming out, which should be nov, dec. In november there is an big event with luca maronis guide coming out. Its a great wine guide, and last year the event here in Rome was fun. The wine academy of rome has pretty regular small tasting and events.
      Slow Food used to do some great big tasting events like Super Whites (which I think also was brought to new york) but the ROme chapter seems to have imploded and its hard to know what will happen now.
      There are other groups like bibedum and Athenaeum that organize tastings and small events.
      Hope this helps. Rome has got some great wine bars in anycase. Have a good trip.

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        thanks for that great info. we'll be there from november10 for 3 nights, then up to tuscany. plan to hit as many of the roman wine bars as time allows!

        1. re: mrud

          Too bad, you will just miss the tasting for luca maronis guide which was a blast last year. That weekend there is a big wine festival/convention up in Merano that weekend so thats where I'll be. A big chunk of the local wine professionals will probably be up there too, so there's not likely to be much going on in rome that weeking tasting wise, but check the websites I mentioned, you never know. There's already I think a bunch of info in other posts about wine bars here in Rome, I might just add Il GOccetto on bianchi vecchi 14 (if sergio is there), La Barrique on Via del boschetto 41b in Monti, and theres a new place I haven't been too yet, but may be new enoteca of the moment Vino Garage on via Monte Giordano near piazza navona.
          have a nice trip