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Oct 3, 2006 08:24 AM

5 Days in Owatonna/Waseca, MN....HELP ME FIND FOOD

So I arrived in Owatonna late last night. Road weary and very, very hungry. Fortunately, finding food didn't prove to be the problem I though it might, since there was a restaurant called the Timberlodge Steak House mere feet from my hotel. From long experience I don't tend to expect to much from highway steak joints, but happily, this is a place I would go to again... and probably will in the next day or so. The steak was done perfectly to order and as requested it came crusted with their special blue cheese crust. Which I have to say, is an idea which I plan on stealing for my own backyard bbq.

...But, back to the subject at hand. I'm stuck in the Owatonna/Waseca area for the whole week for business. ANY food/dining recommendations at all would be appreciated. I will be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in this area, so really, any reqs are truly welcome. I do have a decent rental car and don't mind a bit of drive if the food is worth it.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Speaking of Steaks, I had a good Steak at Jerry's in downtown Owatonna but that was about five years ago so I don't know if it is still any good.

    I used to visit my grandma in Owatonna and always found it to be a food wasteland.

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      actually, the comment above was posted by Paz, not me. My grandma lived in Queens.

    2. My girlfriend is a Waseca native. She suggests that you go to the Yellow Mushroom for pizza or the Pheasent Cafe. She advises that the food at both places is relativly chow worthy (for small town starndards) but the real value is the people watching. The Pheasent Cafe is best at breakfast.