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Oct 3, 2006 06:40 AM

i am new to chowhound

i am new to chowhound but i've looked at posts to get ideas for restaurants. i got a lot of good tips, especially old port lobster shack and woodhouse. woodhouse it good but i was always a fan of opls since its closer to me. i miss home but i gotta say the food at opls is wicked good especially the "chowdah." makes me not miss maine so much. are there any other good seafood restaurants in the bay area?

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  1. Wow, I haven't heard someone say 'wicked' and mean 'very' in so long, I love it!

    I like Zuni for their cold seafood platter, but it's not really New Englandy in anyway. When crab season rolls around, get one at any of the Asian grocery stores and beer-steam it yourself and melt some butter to go with it. It's much easier than I ever thought was possible.

    Good luck with the move! I'm planning on heading back to New England sometime soon!

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      i am a big crab you have any suggestions on what asian market would have the best?

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          Crab season starts around mid/late Nov, so you'll have to hold your horses until then. Once the season comes around, Ranch99, Lion Market, many of the Chinatown vendors (both SF and Oakland) will have them. Just make sure the one you go to has a lot of business by checking out how many people come for crab - the better the turn-around, the fresher the crab!

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            thanks for the tips! i was in california for crab season last year so i don't know where people around here go. i wrote down the names of those markets. thanks again!!!

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              During the season, people regularly post reports of cheap crab.

      1. Sea Salt in Berkeley. It's not an East Coast-style place but their chowder and lobster rolls please a couple of my New Englander friends. The grilled sardines are my favorite.

        You might want to click in the title and change it to something more descriptive like "Best seafood."

        1. Check out Fish in Sausalito. It's not a New England style place, but it's wonderful, you can sit outside and remember why you moved to California. They close early.