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Oct 3, 2006 05:07 AM

Favorite midtown bagel?

I've had H&H, which is supposed to be really good, on 79th street (and thought it was "Ok") - but does anyone have any good midtown bagel recommendations? Whats the best you've had?

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  1. Tal bagels on First @ 54th. There is also a westside location.

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    1. re: serious

      Off the topic of taste, I have boycotted Tal since they double charged my card on a delivery. When I went in to dispute (with bank statement in hand) they refused to believe me, treated me as if I wasn't a frequent customer and were generally rude.

      I do not care how they taste... I would never go there again. I basically chalk that monetary loss up to a lesson.

      To keep to the discussion, I like H & H, perhaps it was an off time. When they are hot out of the oven - they are terrific!

      1. re: serious

        Sometimes I get charged different prices at Tal's if I buy the same item. But I do like their bagels.

        Ess A bagel is good too.

      2. Ess-A-Bagel on 51st and 3rd puts H&H to shame.

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        1. re: theannerska

          Love this one. They have the best bagels.

          1. re: theannerska

            I love their bagels too...especially when they are hot.
            I just put a little butter and are in heaven

            1. re: theannerska

              I tried Ess-A-Bagel when I was in NYC a few weeks back and it did nothing for me ... a bit too doughy and gummy.

              I prefer Tal or Murray's ... but that's just a SoCal 'hound talkin ...

            2. Anything on the west side?

              1. We like the H&H on 46th Street much better than the UWS location, so try that.

                Murray's does good bagels, but the place can be a madhouse during peak hours.

                And I'm a fan of Ess-A-Bagel on 51st too, although I don't think they do anything better than H&H does.



                1. Believe it or not Times Square Bagels on W. 44th and Broadway is actually fairly decent. Especially when compared to Pick-A-Bagel, which, while most convenient for me, I highly dislike.