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Favorite midtown bagel?

I've had H&H, which is supposed to be really good, on 79th street (and thought it was "Ok") - but does anyone have any good midtown bagel recommendations? Whats the best you've had?

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  1. Tal bagels on First @ 54th. There is also a westside location.

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      Off the topic of taste, I have boycotted Tal since they double charged my card on a delivery. When I went in to dispute (with bank statement in hand) they refused to believe me, treated me as if I wasn't a frequent customer and were generally rude.

      I do not care how they taste... I would never go there again. I basically chalk that monetary loss up to a lesson.

      To keep to the discussion, I like H & H, perhaps it was an off time. When they are hot out of the oven - they are terrific!

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        Sometimes I get charged different prices at Tal's if I buy the same item. But I do like their bagels.

        Ess A bagel is good too.

      2. Ess-A-Bagel on 51st and 3rd puts H&H to shame.

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          Love this one. They have the best bagels.

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            I love their bagels too...especially when they are hot.
            I just put a little butter and yumm..you are in heaven

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              I tried Ess-A-Bagel when I was in NYC a few weeks back and it did nothing for me ... a bit too doughy and gummy.

              I prefer Tal or Murray's ... but that's just a SoCal 'hound talkin ...

            2. Anything on the west side?

              1. We like the H&H on 46th Street much better than the UWS location, so try that.

                Murray's does good bagels, but the place can be a madhouse during peak hours.

                And I'm a fan of Ess-A-Bagel on 51st too, although I don't think they do anything better than H&H does.


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                1. Believe it or not Times Square Bagels on W. 44th and Broadway is actually fairly decent. Especially when compared to Pick-A-Bagel, which, while most convenient for me, I highly dislike.

                  1. I think Daniel's Bagels makes some of the best in the city. A fresh bagel (with no butter or cream cheese) is heaven! Mmm, the smell, the crackly crust... They're on 3 Ave. around 39 St.

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                      I almost forgot about Daniel's... It was my fave for years. Still would be but I left Murray Hill a long while back...

                      Great bagels and the BEST whitefish salad ever. As a matter of fact, all their offerings are top notch from the nova to the cream cheese, plain and flavored to the cold cuts to the salad spreads, etc... Lots of baked yummy goods...

                      They get my vote!

                    2. There's a Pick-a-Bagel at 57th & 7th. I think they have great bagels, baked goods and appetizing. I agree that Ess-a-Bagel are a little doughy for me.