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Oct 3, 2006 04:43 AM

Need suggestions on organizing my cooking utensils

As I've become more adept at cooking, I've amassed a collection of utensils. I don't just have a few silicone scrapers, I have about 10. Ditto for the clamshell tongs. I have half a dozen whisks of various sizes. Eight ice-cream scoops. And then there are the microplane graters, and all the baking cups and measuring spoons.

Here's the problem. My utensil drawer is a mess, and I spend way too much time trying to locate stuff when I need it in a hurry. It drives me nuts to rummage through a drawer for serving utensils when my guests are seated at the table.

I thought about hanging as much as possible on the backsplash of the stove. What do you think? Is having the tongs and whisks neatly arranged behind the stove practical? Does it look okay?

I also thought about installing a bunch of hooks on the inside of an upper cabinet door to hang everything, so that the kitchen doesn't look too cluttered. Opinions? Suggestions?

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  1. I have a ton of wooden spoons and spatulas of various sizes, plus whisks and metal stirring spoons and other cooking implements. I have them organized within arm's reach of the stove on my counter, in really lovely brightly-colored ceramic pitchers that I picked up at garage sales. It actually looks kind of elegant. (Of course if you have very limited counter space it's not such a good idea, but if you have deep counters it works nicely.)

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      I love the look of a beautiful pitcher or cool looking canister (depending on the look and tone of your kitchen) with your most used items alongside the cook top, as long as they are in good shape. I agree about hanging them on the wall looking like a garage.

      We just moved into our house a few months ago and part of the draw of this house was the recently renovated kitchen. I cannot wait to hit the garage sales for new/old pitchers and canisters to add to the kitchen.

      As for the drawers, I am lucky to have big, wide utensil drawers. I tend to use wire silverware organizers for all utensils that have been relegated to drawer status... if you search target-like stores, you can find various sizes that should accomodate your needs.

    2. Don't have nearly as many as you...probably 3 of each except for knives. I put my "most used" untensils in a stainless steel canister (that I picked up at restro supply place) near the cook top. All the other "sometimes used" or specialty untensils go into the drawer. Thinking of putting up a magnetic knife strip up.

      1. Do you use them all? Sounds like something from Mission Organization, where you identify the ones you use most and get rid of the rest, or at least put the ones you use somewhere else. I have the most used in a container on the counter, like ML8000, and the rest put away.

        I know the look of having all your utensils on a board behind the countertop is popular but I don't like it. It makes it look garage-like.

        1. I just have a few, and I'll "organize" them like so:


          1. I have a fairly small Manhattan kitchen, but I did have sufficient wall space to put up a 2 X 4 foot pegboard. That's where I hang measuring cups, peelers, funnels, poultry shears, mostly anything that can be hung. Spatulas and spoons are in decorative pots on the butcher block table.

            I would never put utensils on the backsplash of the stove. The way I cook, they'd be coated with grease most of the time.

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              Those steel mesh fry screens are pretty helpful. They really do keep the grease from flying.

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                I know. I have two of them. Now, if I could only remember to use them! LOL