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SusieCakes = not worth the trip, even if you lived in the back room and had a medical condition that required you to eat cupcakes all day long or die

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Went to Susie Cakes for the first time today. I have to say and we all have, "the cupcake thing has really run it's self into the ground". Did you check out the Fox news report (which you can link to form the Susiecakes website) called "Cupcakes in War time" or something equally ridiculous. So Susie Cakes spells death for the cupcake trend. I thought sprinkles might just put the nail in the coffin but at least they have something new to say. Susie seems to be a very nice and attentive owner, she waited on me and answered all my questions. However when I asked what she used to flavor her strawberry cup cake, response: "pureed strawberry" the answer didn't link up to the taste, the taste of jelly, or fake strawberry. Trust me I have had butter cream with real strawberry puree, it doesn't taste like it came from a pop-tart. Still there's nothing new or different, in-fact the whole place looks like a rip off job its not hard to spot where these menu items, the presentation , or the decor for that mater, just with an upscale twist all come from.

Plus took a trip to City Bakery, not impressed. I thought I would have loved to eat there the place looks great. Like most of LA just a pretty face. I'm sorry thats not a pretzel croissant, I don't even know what a pretzel croissant should taste like, but thats not it. Its a croissant with some wheat flour and seeds, how the hell is that a pretzel! The muffin was, well the muffin was some puff pastry and dried fruit, didn't Pillsbury do something like that.

If your on the West side and you need some dessert or a great bite to eat the only place to really be pleased when travailing in this food genera is always and probable only will be with the lack of restaurant quality in Los Angeles, Clementine. Yes the very best, truly.

To Recap:

Susiecakes: Go if you must before gods merciful hand rains lighting bolts down on the place and saves us all

City Bakery: Really do go, get a salad or mac and cheese, sit and enjoy the place it's self

Clementine: Go and keep going, but you already knew that

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  1. You know, I also don't get that pretzel croissant. I have friends who are fanatical about them, go there every day. I like the cookies at City Bakery, and I am not a cookie person, I have to say.

    Funny post about Susiecakes, and I agree that I'm over the cupcake thing. Must everyone now serve them at dinner parties, and have them on the menu?! I do like Sprinkles once in a while, though. And Beechwood has a good red velvet one.

    1. omg you're positively killing me! LOL!!! on the one hand i'd probably love hanging out with you finding bakeries that are worth the trip... on the other hand, i'd be scared to let you eat any of the baked goods i make!
      LOVE your review!!!!

      1. oh..forgot to ask... to get an idea of your tastes... ever been to Karen Krasne's Extraordinary Desserts in San Diego? thoughts?

        1. I too have been to Susiecakes.. not impressed with the baked goods. The variety is limited and lacking and it's not all that great. Friendly staff though.

          Clementines is GREAT! if you're going to be in the westside it's a safe bet.

          1. Thanks for the heads up on SUSIECAKES. You confirmed my suspicions from reading other reviews.

            I want to like CITY BAKERY and continue to try things there. Farmers lemonade is kinda cool and I do like the pretzel croissant even though I also have no idea why they call it that. Alas, the rest of their baked goods tend to look better than they taste.

            CLEMENTINE is a food paradise and I really like the (new?) Apple Dapple cupcake. I wish I could stop ordering their excellent roast beef sandwich so I could try some of the other sandwich offerings...

            1. Totally and whole-heartedly agree with Susie Cakes and City Bakery. I think Susie Cakes is absoultely disgusting stuff. I mean, yuck.

              1. For morning pastry products, try Amadine at 12225 Wilshire in WLA, as it seems to have a very good reputation as well.

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                1. re: carter

                  Amandine has outstanding almond croissants.

                  The City Bakery was a serious disappointment.

                  Has anyone tried Buttercake Bakery? (Photos below)

                  Their cupcakes were "okay" (were only $1.75 though).

                  I really liked their lemon bar--nice tartness.

                  What else is good here?

                2. I've been on this message board for about a year and watching the cupcake thing from afar is fascinating.

                  I'm not a "dessert" person, so I've managed to watch from the sidelines. A year ago, everyone was waxing poetic about the sublime qualities of this cupcake or that.

                  Then, things sort of died down.

                  Now, this funny and eloquent announcement that the cupcake thing is near it's end.

                  I'm predicting here and now that by January 2008, people will be lamenting how far Pinkberry has fallen "ever since the expansion" or "now that everyone is doing gourmet yogurt ..."

                  It's just the way things are ...

                  1. I love cakes ... and cakey things ... but susie cakes' cupcakes looked like ones I could make, the lemon one was dry, and the chocolate ones tasted just like a box mix...
                    nothing special.

                    1. I've been watching this post for awhile, waiting for someone to mention it. But now I have to ask:

                      Is SUSIECAKES worse than SPRINKLES?

                      I found sprinkles to be horribly sweet, overly frosted, and overall disgusting and dry. I much prefer Buttercake on Pico, which is completely unpretentious and not at all fancy, but at least not overpriced and very moist and tasty like it came from the oven of a great home cook.

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                      1. re: Pei

                        try leda's
                        yes it's in the valley
                        yes it's worth the trip
                        (kcrw fringe discount too which i like)

                      2. Wow I didn't know that a cupcake could be "overly frosted"! In my opinion that is virtually inpossible. :)