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Oct 3, 2006 03:13 AM

bulgarian food

Anyone know of any bulgarian restaurants in montreal or the surrounding areas?
Even any restaurants that might offer some bulgarian dishes would be good

Any help would be appreciated


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  1. I think I've been to a Bulgarain restaurant because they were serving bulgarian wine. The place is called Caveau in Cotes-des -Neiges. If ys want more details/info u can e-mail me & if anyone else is interested they have a little dance floor in their cute little resto!

    1. (Replying to Yummy Stuff)

      Who knew?

      You probably mean Le Petit Caveau (6700 Côte des Neiges, 514 733-4825), which looks to be in the office building just south of Plaza CDN (where the SAQ outlet is).

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        Was born & bread (foodie pun)at the JGH. The lil resto is like a hidden cave... It's actually in the food court of plaZa towards the Subway on the right. Sometimes it's open, sometimes it's not: well in the daytime anyway (unless you're having an afternoon lunch) I think it's mostly a nite time thing. I pass by there last week & I guess they have more activites going on according to their sched on their glass doors. I hung out there a couple of times last winter before the smoking ban (my fiance smokes)Twas a lovely date not packed @ all. After our drinks and a dessert(on the house) we just walked home after coz it wasn't too cold outside.
        I'm thinking of going there with my sister for her Bon Voyage dinner... If anyone's interested my e-mail is above.