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Oct 3, 2006 02:54 AM

best tuna steak in GTA?

where do chowhounds go for a really
good tuna steak?....

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  1. Hair of the Dog on Church has it as a special fairly often, and it's quite good.

    1. Would say Chaido by past experience.
      However, I do recall several months ago having what I considered a "great" tuna steak at Jov.
      Their menu changes, so I would call if you intend to go there.
      So many restaurants use poor quality tuna, or overcook it.

      1. I don't recommend the tuna from Czehoski's bar menu.

        1. Opus on Prince Arthur is my favorite by far. Side order of fries and a nice bubbly. Close to perfection!!

          1. Had fantastic tuna at Scaramouche earlier this year. Will never forget it.