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Oct 3, 2006 02:09 AM

Golden Gate in Chinatown

We used to eat at the old Golden Gate in Chinatown very often - at least a couple of times a month. We were very sad when it closed. The New Golden Gate is not even close. For anyone who used to eat at the old Golden Gate, where are you eating now? Which restaurants come the closest to the food and atmosphere?

Also, do you know where Tony, who was one of the waiters, has gone? I would love to see him again. He was fantastic.

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  1. I remember the old Golden Gate but I mainly got takeout there. I loved their prime rib rice dish, which was their specialty. I would kill for one right now. Alas, they are no longer and sadly no other restaurant comes closest. I live in the burbs now and do not venture into Chinatown too much. When I do, I usually go to China Pearl for dim sum, Hei La Moon for dinner and King Fung Garden and Hong Kong Eatery for noodles. But I've just discovered Vinh Sun's dry udon noodles with beef and all I can say is "I'm hooked". Their scallion pie is quite good, too.

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      I agree about Vinh Sun. That is definitely my new favorite in Chinatown. It doesn't have the same "ambience" as the Golden Gate, but the food is sooooooooo good.

    2. That old Golden Gate is from a time gone by and that makes me sad. I loved that place. I go to the New Golden Gate. Not the same atmosphere but I like the food. Most of the old Chinese restaurants in Chinatown have been refurbished. As I recall, Moon Villa still has a bit of that old feel.

      1. I loved there wonton soup and chicken noodle soup nothing compares anywhere els i have ever tried sux wish I could find those cooks lol