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Oct 3, 2006 02:07 AM

Lake Forest Pastry shop in Clayton Missouri

I was wondering if anyone out there could help me. I know that the Lake Forest pastry shop is closed and has been for some time. What I would like to know is if anyone know how to get in touch with the original owners or how I could get the recipe for the caramel crunch rings they made.

Thanks for any and all help.


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  1. Craig,
    The caramel crunch ring was our favorite bring-to-the-office cake!
    Perhaps the food editor at the Post-Dispatch could be of some help in your quest? While you are at it, the Gooey Butter Cake and the Paradise Cake recipes would be great to have.

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      Actually, luck must have been on my side...I found out while surfing the web later after that post that one of the bakers from Lake Forest opened up his own bakery. It is called Clayton's Bakery and Deli. Website by same name. Has a phone number which I called and found out they make many of the original Lake Forest goodies....I see a trip to St Louis in my future!!! Thanks for your suggestion though.

    2. Clayton Bakery & Deli
      11744 Manchester Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63131

      (314) 821-2509

      Thanks, tycointl! Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, this is in way west county, far from my usual travels.
      Have any other St. Louis Hounds tried this bakery?

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      1. re: p.j.

        Hey everyone, my dad is out there now and will be returning with a couple of coffecakes from Clayton's Bakery and Deli to let me taste them and see if they are like the old original ones. For about a year after ownership changed hands at Lake Forest, things tasted the same, then they changed I am guessing the caramel icing so that it tasted slightly burned all the time. I don't know if it was due to the help/labor or if the new owners switched to a cheaper cost/quality caramel icing on the rings...or, maybe I just grew older and the ole taste buds just aren't what they used to be.

        Thanks all for the replies! I'll let you know what I taste!

        1. re: tycointl

          You're not the only one. My family had a long standing tradition of their chocolate cakes with the chocolate shavings. At first after the buy out, they were the same, but a year or so later, they started to get a grainy texture, like the sugar hadn't been mixed in well.

        1. I grew up on Lake Forest, the owner from the 50s to the 70s invented many of the stollens, cakes and cookies. Unfortunately, he passed away in late '73 and his widow just passed away about two years ago. The bakery used the same recipes until the last owner decided he knew better than both the bakers from years past and the customers and decided to change the recipes..such as the caramel crunch ring, paradise pan coffee cake, the apricot rings, the raisin bread and even the hot cross buns...what sacrilege. Needless to say, about a year or so after he took over, the bakery closed for good. As far as I know the recipes are still with the family as well as the bakers that worked there through the years...but there would be conversions to be done, as everything was in pounds, etc., not cups and teaspoons or tablespoons...

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            Actually, they were tossed in the dumpster after they closed. Luckily someone fished them out, and they're currently with Chris Leuther, owner of Party Pastry in Ballwin.

          2. Ok, it's been about 1 year since i've been on dad brought back a couple of the caramel crunch rings (with the almond paste in it, not the regular way they make it now) and I was in heaven. He is heading out there again this week. But, today, when I tried to pull up the website, it said it was down...I'm getting a bad feeling about this. Can anyone tell me if they are still in business?