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Oct 3, 2006 02:03 AM

Breakfast for Dinner in Downtown Boston

If I am downtown around dinner time, where can I get pancakes, bagels, muffins, etc.? There seem to be no more good greasy spoons around. I am looking for someplace within a 10 minute walk of Boston Common. I know about the old Blue Diner near South Station - last time I ate there I thought it was over-priced. There is Billy's and Charlie's toward the South End, but that is a pretty good hike from the Common. There must be a decent greasy spoon somewhere nearby. No?

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  1. There are really no diner type spots downtown and most would all close up in the afternoon. Including the Paramount who turns into a nicer dinner place in the evening. I think you're stuck with South St. Diner whose pancakes are definitely priced on the high side.

    1. Real estate in that area is too costly to support the low volume such a wonderful idea would entail.

      1. There's a Brigham's on High Street.

        1. I believe the Trident serves breakfast all day, not a greasy spoon by a long shot, but head and shoulders above south street. I miss the Deli Haus!

          1. I wonder if you can get bagels and muffins at the Milk Street Cafe after breakfast time. Maybe someone knows.