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Oct 3, 2006 01:32 AM

cambridge late night cafes

i just moved from inman to between harvard and porter sq and am wondering if there's anything to replace my beloved 1369 and darwin's for late night coffee/ tea options. any suggestions? all i can think of are algiers and cafe paradisso which are fine but i was wondering if there's anything closer.

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  1. I believe Simon's is open semi-late (11?) on weekends. As discussed recently on this board, very good espresso.

    1. The new Z Square Cafe at 14 JFK St. in Harvard Sq. is open 6AM-2AM & it looks promising, as does the restaurant & bar downstairs.

      1. I've lived in the Porter area for a couple of years now, and I don't know of anything coffee-wise open late in that area.

        There is a relatively new bookstore in the Porter Sq. shopping area that serves coffee, but iirc, it's not open very late.

        Cafe Pamplona is another Harvard Sq. option - open late - but obviously not closer to you.

        Maybe sniff around Harvard and Radcliffe? You would think there should be some sort of student cafe that's open late on campus.

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          If you're a Harvard affiliate, I believe there is a late night cafe in the Lamont library, again, not really in the porter area.

          How about heading to Davis for the Diesel?

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Diesel Cafe in Davis Square is open till midnight every night and till 1 am on Friday and Saturday nights, according to their website.