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Oct 3, 2006 01:24 AM

Loose leaf chamomile tea

Does anyone have any suggestions for a place to get great chamomile tea? Or is there a particular brand that you like and where do you get it?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try Upton Tea.
    They have everything. I buy their Egyptian chamomile; it has nice big buds and a lot of flavor. (I am no chamomile expert, but it seems fresher than others I have tried.)

    1. Takashimaya on 5th Avenue has very nice teas. I'm quite positive they have loose chamomile.

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        Huge 2nd to both Upton & Tak! Fresh, super high quality...utterly reliable....btw, I *believe* that Harney (another of my favorite tea sources) supplies teas to Tak....a fourth very reliable source is specialteas...they also have the Egyptian chamomile...looks similar to Upton's....

      2. I was upstairs at Kalustyan's last night and admired their wide variety of loose teas. I don't know that much about teas, but I wonder if the store has enough turn over to keep it fresh. The store certainly is popular. These were in big open tubs, and there were a lot of them. Also wonder if this is the best way to store them?

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          I share your suspicions...I refrain from buying their loose teas. However, their Turkish Apple tea (it comes in a green box...packaged in teabags...not fancy or "gourmet") is terrific...especially for iced tea....

        2. I really like Sensuous Bean which is at 66 W. 70th (close to the corner of Columbus and 70th). It's a small store, but the people are friendly and knowledgable. The place smells great because of their coffee beans, too.

          1. I love the Mighty Leaf brand of chamomille teas. I am not sure if they carry it loose though, I always buy it in tea bags. Just keep in mind that it is mixed with other things, like rose and citrus flavors. I like it, some may not if one is looking for a pure chamomille flavor, which this is definitely not.