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Loose leaf chamomile tea

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Does anyone have any suggestions for a place to get great chamomile tea? Or is there a particular brand that you like and where do you get it?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try Upton Tea. www.uptontea.com
    They have everything. I buy their Egyptian chamomile; it has nice big buds and a lot of flavor. (I am no chamomile expert, but it seems fresher than others I have tried.)

    1. Takashimaya on 5th Avenue has very nice teas. I'm quite positive they have loose chamomile.

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        Huge 2nd to both Upton & Tak! Fresh, super high quality...utterly reliable....btw, I *believe* that Harney (another of my favorite tea sources) supplies teas to Tak....a fourth very reliable source is specialteas...they also have the Egyptian chamomile...looks similar to Upton's....



      2. I was upstairs at Kalustyan's last night and admired their wide variety of loose teas. I don't know that much about teas, but I wonder if the store has enough turn over to keep it fresh. The store certainly is popular. These were in big open tubs, and there were a lot of them. Also wonder if this is the best way to store them?

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          I share your suspicions...I refrain from buying their loose teas. However, their Turkish Apple tea (it comes in a green box...packaged in teabags...not fancy or "gourmet") is terrific...especially for iced tea....

        2. I really like Sensuous Bean which is at 66 W. 70th (close to the corner of Columbus and 70th). It's a small store, but the people are friendly and knowledgable. The place smells great because of their coffee beans, too.

          1. I love the Mighty Leaf brand of chamomille teas. I am not sure if they carry it loose though, I always buy it in tea bags. Just keep in mind that it is mixed with other things, like rose and citrus flavors. I like it, some may not if one is looking for a pure chamomille flavor, which this is definitely not.

            1. Sympathy for the Kettle on St. Mark's has great teas as well.

              1. Yes, Sympathy for the Kettle St. on Mark's has it-- very cute place to sit and have a cup. But if you want the "tea experience" Cha An Japanese Tea Room on 9th St. (btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave.) is a must. They have large selection of tea, sweets and snacks that are beautifully presented. The five-inch high sweet buttery toast with red bean sauce is divine.