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Oct 3, 2006 01:19 AM

Which food blog was the first?

Of the blogs currently active, does anyone know which food blog was the very 1st one?

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  1. OMG, there are so many who may claim to be first but to this food bloggers mind (this is not an endorsement but an observation!) Julia and Julia (via Salon blogs) which is now a book and will soon be a Nora Ephron movie was one of the very first.

    There are others out there who will say Chocolate & Zucchini was first (3 years ago)

    Of course I was not first...but was before the current 2.3 years.

    1. I suppose if someone was first, they would say so. It is odd that no one claims the distinction.

      1. I think that actually, it's Salli Vates (

        She has been around since the dawn of time-- June 2002. That makes 4.5 years or so.



        1. started in 1998, didn't it?

          David Siegel, in 1996, logged every lunch:

          1. I'm not quite sure what defines a "blog" per se, but Sally's Place goes back to 1994, according to the website. The archives only go back to 2000, but it had the characteristics of a collaborative blog then.