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Oct 3, 2006 01:15 AM

challah in PS

Where can I buy fresh Challah bread in Park Slope? Thanks,

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  1. I've bought it at the Key Food on 5th Ave before.

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    1. re: AimeeD

      I think I saw challah at Sweet Melissa, although it's probably expensive there!

    2. The Union Market on Union Street and 6th Avenue carries challahs from Gertel's, a lower East Side bakery I have bought from for years.

      1. A bakery from upstate NY is usually at the Farmers Market on weekends over by the stone house park (5th avenue and 3rd street). They sell amazing Challah, I don't know if it's Kosher, but it is amazing.

        Otherwise, we buy at Union Market.

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          They sell a nice challah-type braid at Lopez bakery, 5th Ave between 18th and 19th. Obviously its not kosher.