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Oct 3, 2006 01:04 AM

Baltimore on Biz Trip...Need The Good Stuff

Will be in Baltimore this week for a trade show. Where do the locals head when they need some authentic MD seafood? Or perhaps a goood steak joint? No chain restaurants allowed.

Unfortunately, my prior Bal'more trips have been relegated to Phillips Seafood (not that there's anything wrong with it).

But looking for something with a whole lot more local flavor.

Help. thanks in advance.

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  1. Steak Joint...the Prime Rib. technically a chain I suppose with locations in DC and Philly as well. This is a primo place though.

    for seafood, Mama's on the Half Shell, or grab lunch at Nick's in cross st market

    1. I second Nick's. Try the steamed shrimp and fresh cut fries. Yum! They are also open for an early happy hour I think ('til about 7 or 8).

      1. Nick's is a really great although definitely downscale experience--a mostly stand-up place to get steamed shrimp, some oysters, a beer, inside of one of Baltimore's still-functioning indoor markets. Nick's also now has a place in South Baltimore, and there's more seating there as well as a nice outdoor/indoor setting overlooking the water. I think it's somewhere off Hanover St. but I don't know the exact address.

        1. Oh my gosh, don't go to the Nick's on the water. The food is awful; the service no better. We go to Nick's in the market a lot for soup and oysters, but we much prefer LP Steamers nearby. Less chaotic and still extremely casual.

          1. Do a search for "pit beef." Although it's not seafood, if you haven't already, head down Pulaski Highway and you'll find "pit beef row." You won't find this type of sandwich anywhere but Baltimore, and along with "coddies," you can't get much more local flavor. You won't be sorry.