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Oct 3, 2006 12:59 AM

Monsieur Marcel not so good...

I've been here quite a few times by now with happy visits and this last one really put me off. The SO and I just wanted to drop in for a quick nosh, all we got was the goat cheese salad and the soft cheese plate. The cheeses came first and after a couple bites each realized they were completely ammoniated. St. Andres shouldn't taste like cat piss. The salad came and was completely not dressed. The tomatoes were awful and for some reason there was a TON of coarsely sliced red cabbage blanketing the top. The goat cheese toasts were nice but were lacking the honey drizzled on top like i'd had it before. We each ate one, and a bite of salad. We hardly ate anything, so I didn't feel *that* bad about leaving it. We left a tip for the waitress, went up to her and apologized and left. Went to Moishe's for a so so veg plate, watched monstrous little kids run around and some horrible woman dog trainer choking a young labrador and yelling at it.


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  1. we had a similarly disappointing experience.

    1. I wonder what is going on there? I noticed that the weekly wine tastings are now only once a week as opposed to twice a week (they were always full so it can't be from lack of interest.)

      1. Maybe the owners have been focusing too much time and energy on their new location 1260 - 3rd St. Promenade, and the protests to their liquor license that they forgot how to take care of the existing shop.

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          I know that the owner had some very serious health issues last year that may be ongoing. This could be a reason for the quality slide.