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Radish Greens

Are these edible like beet greens and how do you cook them? Thanks

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  1. I've not heard of cooking them, just washing them (assuming they need it) and adding them to a salad, as they have a nice peppery taste.

    1. I've put them in soups, not as a main ingredient but just a filler. They're usually a little on the stringy side, so cutting into narrow strips is good.

      1. I cooked the greens from a daikon. It was just OK, not in the same league as marvelous beet greens.

        1. I don't think there is much use in trying anything with radish greens..but if you are growing your own radishes - let them go to
          seed and the wonderful peppery pods that appear are delicious in salad.

          1. In the Daily Soup cookbook, there is a recipe for white bean and chorizo soup that uses the radish greens---but not the radishes! It's a gorgeous soup.

            1. I've never cooked with them, but have used them in salads as a garnish.


              1. A Japanese coworker turned me on to pickling them.

                1. If you google radish greens you'll see many options and I'm rethinking my position.

                  1. I got into radishes a few years back because there were so many varieties and they looked so pretty. Here's my post about it with recipes for radish greens


                    In there, as far as radish greens:

                    PICKLED RADISH GREENS (really good



                    SAUT√ČED OR BRAISED RADISH GREENS (tasted like spinach this way)

                    RADISH WITH RADISH GREENS

                    You can also freeze the greens like spinach for later use.

                    As for the radishes themselves, try them roasted. They are delicious this way (but lose color).

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                      I took your advise and tried roasting some radishes, and they were really good. Thanks

                    2. Yes, they are delicious when sauteed with olive oile, garlic and onion. Watch them close, though, they cook quicky.