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Best Tri Tip Sandwich?

The tri tip sandwich is one of my favorite things to eat. Where's the best one in LA? I have tried one at the Outdoor Grill in Culver City which is pretty tasty but looking for more.

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  1. Try the tri tip at Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill at The Grove. One of their claims to fame is their BBQ tri-tip. You can get it as a sandwich or entree or as a combo entree item. The garlic rolls are addicting.

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      Our office has been catered by Wood Ranch many times. The tri tip is very popular. I even look forward to it, and I only eat beef infrequently.

    2. I had dinner at the Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks (on Ventura, 1/2 mile west of Coldwater) and my companion ordered the Tri Tip sandwich. The portion was enormous, and, like most of the meal, delicious. Very good cut of meat, good quality bread. $14. A nice place if you haven't been.

      1. I second the recommendation of the tri-tip at Wood Ranch Grill. A lot of people on this board don't seem to like the place but I think it's quite good. At least, the one in The Grove has never disappointed me.

        1. The manager of Phillips BBQ #2 (He said he was a Phillips) told me that his Sliced Beef is Tri-Tip. I haven't tried it yet -- I usually stick to the great Pork Spare Ribs.

          Phillips BBQ #2
          1517 Centinela Ave
          (310) 412-7135

          1. I don't know about tri-tip but the Beef Brisket and Prime Rib sandwhiches at the Tam O'Shanter on Los Feliz are excellent.

            1. This is a take-out kind of place, but I love the tri-tip sandwiches which are served on garlic bread at Green Acres Market in Simi Valley. They've got the wood fired grill smoking away in front of the market most days. Salads are outstanding too, try the garlic and cheese pasta salad if you make it out there, just delicious.

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              1. what do you all think about the tri-tip at Nick's just north of downtown los angeles? i'm not sure if I had it in a sandwich but i found it quite tasty.

                1. Try SPRING STREET SMOKE HOUSE, on the outer-edges of Chinatown.

                  Spring Street Smoke House,
                  640 N. Spring St.,
                  (213) 626-0535.


                  1. Since you didn't specify restaurant, I recommend the tri-tip sandwiches at How's Market specifically San Marino although the other How's markets are on a rotation basis for the WEEKENDS only outdoor barbeque. San Marino for the past month has had the barbeque every weekend. For five bucks you can't go wrong with the amount of meat that goes into the buns.

                    1. A couple of the replies are right...Wood Ranch has always gotten knocked here (undoubtedly the chain syndrome) but I think they do what they do very well. Their tri-tip is somewhat non-traditional but I have found it to be very tasty.

                      That being said, the 2 best tri-tip sandwiches I have had in SoCal go to Buckboard BBQ & Grill in Upland and Santa Maria BBQ in Culver City. THe guy who owns Buckboard turned me on to tri-tip about 15 years ago and it has been my favorite ever since...and they do a lot of catering as well. I've only been to SMBBQ once but found it really good. Honorable mention goes to Lou's in Huntington Beach.

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                        I second the rec for Santa Maria BBQ in Culver City. Fantatic.

                      2. If you get a chance drive North to Santa Maria, get off on downtown Broadway...... there will be your pick of the Best Tri tip sandwiches marinated with dry rub. ..... every 2 blocks for the entire 20 miles or so you will see the 10 foot bbq pits smoking them up....

                        1. Actually, "smoking them up" is what sets Wood Ranch apart. The "real" Santa Maria tri-tip is grilled over an open red oak fire, and delicious that way. WR smokes and grills their tri-tip, giving it an extra flavor. Both are great, just slightly different.

                          1. I don't know if they are doing it during the winter months but How's Market does charcoal grilled tri-tips either whole or by sandwich and they are excellent at doing the job. If not now try it this summer.

                            1. I get one of the BBQ tri-tip sandwhiches at Bristol Farms a few times per month. Its only 8.99 with a side and its pretty tasty....with BBQ and mushrooms.

                              1. Several years ago I tried some tri-tip at a farmers market on a pier in Hermosa Beach. And it was outstanding. I know the booth was affiliated with a restaurant, but don't remember the name. Anyone have any ideas who that might have been, or maybe just an educated guess?

                                1. There's an independent market in Burbank, Handy Market, on Magnolia. They barbeque chicken, ribs, other meats and tri-tips every Saturday, which can be smelled as your drive down the street! Go inside, to the back, get in line, and order a bbq beef sandwich. Big, juicy, saucy and delicious! Highly recommended :)

                                  1. I had the Tri Tip sandwich from Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ and it was great!

                                    Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ
                                    1639 E Imperial Hwy, Brea, CA 92821

                                    1. At Bigmista's not only is it a good sandwich it's also a great deal. Tri-tip sandwich !/2 $6.50/ whole $9.00 at various farmers markets.

                                      Bigmista's Barbecue
                                      Los Angeles, CA, Los Angeles, CA