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Oct 3, 2006 12:23 AM

Best Tri Tip Sandwich?

The tri tip sandwich is one of my favorite things to eat. Where's the best one in LA? I have tried one at the Outdoor Grill in Culver City which is pretty tasty but looking for more.

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  1. Try the tri tip at Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill at The Grove. One of their claims to fame is their BBQ tri-tip. You can get it as a sandwich or entree or as a combo entree item. The garlic rolls are addicting.

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      Our office has been catered by Wood Ranch many times. The tri tip is very popular. I even look forward to it, and I only eat beef infrequently.

    2. I had dinner at the Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks (on Ventura, 1/2 mile west of Coldwater) and my companion ordered the Tri Tip sandwich. The portion was enormous, and, like most of the meal, delicious. Very good cut of meat, good quality bread. $14. A nice place if you haven't been.

      1. I second the recommendation of the tri-tip at Wood Ranch Grill. A lot of people on this board don't seem to like the place but I think it's quite good. At least, the one in The Grove has never disappointed me.

        1. The manager of Phillips BBQ #2 (He said he was a Phillips) told me that his Sliced Beef is Tri-Tip. I haven't tried it yet -- I usually stick to the great Pork Spare Ribs.

          Phillips BBQ #2
          1517 Centinela Ave
          (310) 412-7135

          1. The original comment has been removed