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Oct 3, 2006 12:18 AM

Seattle week-end..need food plus going-out recommendations

We're coming up from LA for the week-end, and wanted to get some recommendations on restaurants, as well as fun bars/clubs we could go to after.

For food - gone through some recent posts, and sounds like 94 Stewart is a popular recommendation, so that's on our list. We're prefer local finds, not too pricey (<$100 for a couple) and would definitely like to try local favourites. Asian, fusion, seafood - yes, sushi, pretentious, mexican - No!

After-hours - any suggestions on cool/fun places to hang out, grab a drink and maybe some dancing as well? We've heard of the Chapel, Pink Door..- not big fans of the super-size electronica-heavy clubs, prefer smaller, more intimate with a ecclectic crowd


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  1. definitely have to hit Seven Stars Szechuan and Tamarind Tree (vietnamese) in the ID. Monsoon is a nice little fusion place. cool fun dance spots: the alibi room, the baltic room, and the lo_fi are great. the hideout is a great place for drinks. sometimes they have a band or a dj.

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      Thanks for the reply. We'll add Monsoon to our list, and Baltic Room sounds exactly like what we were looking for.

    2. I'm not that big on 94 Stewart. I'd pick Cafe Zoe or the Black Bottle downtown/belltown. If you're up for leaving downtown, my favorite sushi is Kisaku near Green Lake. You may like Baguette Box or Monsoon, which are East of downtown on Capitol Hill.

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        1. Folks, a reminder to please keep it food focused. Finding great dance clubs is not Chowhound's mission, so we will remove posts along those lines

          1. I'd sit in the bar at Union & eat dinner the dining room needs some love .. also the drink's at Licorous (next door to Lark, where you might want to eat too) are great as are the little curated bites they offer .. for nice adult barfood & drink try tiny Sambar (next to le gourmand, owned by them too) great cocktails ... and this might sound odd but down the street from carta de oaxaca in Ballard is a thai restaurant (same owner as CdO) the bar in the back makes very interesting cocktails with herbal elixir infusions .. very exotic ...with sort of opium den decor