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Oct 3, 2006 12:04 AM

Indochine or Pho Cafe?

A search on Chowhound reveals three Vietnamese restaurants in Silverlake - Indochine, Pho Cafe, and Gingergrass. Having eaten many times at Gingergrass, we would like to venture to a new place. Between Indochine and Pho Cafe, which would you recommend? Is there another Vietnamese place I'm missing in Silverlake? (I'm aware of Blue Hen in Eagle Rock.) THANKS!

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  1. Pho Cafe gets my vote. I just think that the cooking there is a bit better than at Indochien Vien. But, IV takes credit cards, it's easier to park there, the portions are larger, and they have a more varied menu.

    1. I'd say a toss-up, almost, with a slight edge to Indochine. More varied menu, food's SLIGHTLY more interesting.

      Still would be nice of the servers actually recognized the vietnamese names (THEY'RE ON THE MENU, FGS!) of what people were ordering. Chowpup was there with me a couple of weeks ago, and after ordering, and getting a quizzical look, finally gave up and said "Look: that's a #3 and a #18. OK?"


      1. Yes, the servers continue to sometimes be befuddled at Indochine, but actually I think their chicken pho is miles better than at Pho Cafe, which doesn't have any taste at all to me.