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Malaysian Chili Crab place?

Anyone know of a place that serves Chili Crab???

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  1. i know BELACAN GRILL used to, but i've not been there in some time.

    Belacan Grill
    190th and Anza in Redondo Beach

    if you call KUALA LUMPUR ahead of time, sometimes they will do it for you if you leave a CC#.

    Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian Restaurant
    69 W. Green Street
    Pasadena, CA 91105
    (626) 577-5175

    SEA HARBOUR SEAFOOD on rosemead does their own rendition of the pepper crab.

    problem is, you can't get the sri lankan or singaporean crab here that makes this dish so unbelieveable (or least i haven't; would love to know if someone has).

    i usually end up making it at home. it's great with lobster too.

    let us know how you fare.

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      Someone posted a few weeks ago that Kuala Lumpur closed down... oh well...

    2. YAZMIN
      27 East Main Street
      (626) 308-2036

      *They have durian at various times of the year, so enter at your own risk.

      1. ipse...

        i was at yazmin about four weeks ago (thought it was just okay). no chilli crab or any crab on the menu. i also asked. they said no chilli or pepper crab. didn't try the chilli shrimp.

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          You sure?

          I know I've had it there before, although it's been a couple years since I've been. Ever since the remodeling and the invasion of the Edwards Cinema, that whole area is sort of a zoo ...

          1. Try the May Flower in LA Chinatown 685 N. Spring Street(near corner of Ord St.). Their their "house special" crab or lobster is made with lots of garlic and chilis--probably close to what you're looking for.

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              the mayflower crab is delicious, but not like s'pore style chili crab.

            2. the singaporean-style chilli crab (yes, they spell it with two "l"'s), invented by Madam Cher Yam Tian in the 1950's, is made with singaporean or sri lankan crab which is sweeter and meatier than dungeness or blue crabs. it is typically freshy cut up into pieces and quickly wok fried.

              it is added to a soupy red gravy made of chillis, tomatoes, ginger, eggs, and then come the various annotations. it is usually served at the hawker stands both in sing and malaysia with white braad to mop up the sauce.

              i've never had anything like here in the states and i've looked. i usually make it myself. it's easy for dinner parties and it's a big hit.

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                Chilli, yes, and they pronounce it, "chee-lee." I can almost taste those huge meaty crabs just when someone utters the words, "let's to to ECP (East Coast Park)!" I think that is one of the dishes that truly cannot be replicated here - gotta have those crabs...

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                  oh man i miss that stuff...though ECP is not the best, Eng Seng on Joo Chiat Place and Still Road kills those place

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                    When I used to go to ECP, it was usually with a group of 6-8 people... three were Singapore Girls...my distraction towards them and the constant presence of Tiger beers may have blunted my other senses... Right now I could settle for the residue from the bowl and some bread...

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                      haha...i love the white bread to sop up the sauce

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                        The white bread also works as a great napkin to sop up the sauce off of my face... and fingers... and my shirt...

              2. i finally was able to go out to Belacan Grill today and tried the chilli crab (i had to drive out from pasadena and i have 8 month year old which makes it harder to go out to eat now)....it was pretty good but was hoping for it to be a bit more spicy but i guess i could've had the pepper crab...it was missing the guts of the crab though...but it would've been worse for my cholesterol levels if it included it....I enjoyed the place and i'll probably go back when i can find time and try other stuff on the menu!!!