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Oct 2, 2006 11:51 PM

another Summer Shack disappointment

So I went to the Back Bay Summer Shack today eager to have some fried clams. They've redone some of the interior, enlarged the windows and put an awkward counter with stools along one of them (sort of reminded me of Grafton Street).

I ordered clams on the "fried foods" section of the menu, I got what I'd consider a small fried clam appetiser - at most 20 small clams and a heap of french fries. I know I'd get around twice as many clams at Neptune and they'd all be perfectly done (the Summer shack version was ok but lacking Neptune's aura of perfection). The service was also absent, literally, a nice new girl behind the bar spent some time trying to find someone who knew how to work the register so I could get a bill after my waiter disappeared after dropping off my order.

The last time I was at this Summer Shack I got a half dozen pretty dried out oysters on the half shell, sticking to the shell they were so dry, so I'm feeling a bit negative about the Summer Shack today.

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  1. I very disappointed in them myself. Only went there once. Ordered clam dinner and was served baby portion and ordered crab claws for appetizer and they were stuck to teh shell.

    1. sorry that U had a bad experience. i guess i like the place cuz i always/only get a bucket of steamers and a big 'ol lobster, steamed. thatz it. oh! and a lot of beer.

      1. I would agree that you can't compare the fried clams at Summer Shack with that of Neptune, but Summer Shack makes a great lobster hash on Sundays!

        1. I went to summer shack at alewife a couple of years ago and didn't get what the fuss was about at all. It was very average, food-wise, and the prices were high. I stick to hitting the north shore pounds when I really want lobster, and frequent neptune for the fried stuff and oysters.

          1. We went to the Alewife one when it first opened (or maybe a few months after). I dubbed it the Summer Suck. First I oculdn't beleive the prices - blew my mind. I refused to pay $25 for haddock when I had Out of the Blue just down the way.
            So I got the corn dog and an $8 frozen mudslide.. they were both gross. The hubby got the fried chicken and it was so greasy - we never went back.