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Oct 2, 2006 11:24 PM

Richmond - Sabor Brazil Market - feijoada kits with locally made Brazilian sausage

So I stopped by today to pick up some bottles of those hot tiny pickled peppers (pimenta)

Remembering a post about someone wanting to make feijoada, I ask if they had any frozen Brazilian sausages. This takes quite a while as my Portuguese is not as good as the owners English and there are gaps on his side where sausage isn't in his English vocabulary and the proper pronunciation of feijoada still isn't in mine.

Then he mentions that starting next week, a friend of his who recently moved here from Brazil would be making fresh Brazilian sausage as soon as the permits went through.

Then he said they were going to put together feijoeda kits so there would be all the fresh meat and stuff in there and people could bring it home and stew it up. Snouts, ears, and tails were mentioned.

I'm up for the sausage and I'll probably buy some of that as soon as my arteries clear a bit from a recent chorizo crawl. However, even if it is chopped up and ready to throw in a pot, I'm thinking I'm not a home-feijoda maker.

However, anyone who might be interested, this sounds kind of cool. The owner said to call next week to check.

Sabor Brazil
4820 Bissel (on the corner of MacDonald & San Pablo in back of Angelo's deli
)Richmond, Ca 94805
[Phone number redacted since the restaurant is closed and the number reassigned -- The Chowhound Team].

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  1. Sadly ... tragically ... Sabor Brazil is no more.

    It seems there was some sort of health hazard with the building itself. There are health department notices on the door that nothing ... nothing ... is to be removed under penalty of being shot ... or something really serious like that.

    The financial business upstairs has moved, but I don't read Portuguese so ... The little church next door is gone.

    Swell ... I wonder how much longer I have to live.

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    1. re: rworange

      I finally checked this place out based on your report not two months before they shut down in December. I think it was around the 15th or 20th. Loved the pastelao and disco snacks, as well as the tropical fruit smoothies.

      I peeked in a couple of times through the plastic and at first it looked like they were doing some work, but I checked again within the last two weeks and the place looked cleaned out.

      I don't read Portuguese either, but the sign says something like "our operations are now moved wholly to Bossa Nova Brazil on San Pablo in El Cerrito" and otherwise refers to a law firm for other inquiries. I think.

      I would love to be able to get those frozen Brazilian fruits and smoothies again. Any ideas?

      1. re: twocents

        Nothing in the East Bay that I know of. Sunstream Cafe on Geary near Mervyns has some but haven't tried them yet. Ohhhh ... disco snack ... sob.

        1. re: rworange

          Incidentally, I did drop into Bossa Nova on San Pablo one time and the young lady there said she did sell some frozen tropical fruit (acerola and acai, I think) but I didn't feel like it just then... no sign of shakes or smoothies or prepared foods.