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Oct 2, 2006 11:23 PM

Beers of the Midwest

Looking for the best advice on regional microbrews. What are your favorites? What stout or pale ale makes your mouth water to think of? Thanks!

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  1. I used to love Great Lakes brewing out of cleveland, but I've only had it once since i moved out of pittsburgh. Great Lakes is unpasteurized, so it doesn't travel out of the region. anyway, the burning river ale is quite good as i recall. i need to find another reason to go out there and buy beer.

    1. Most craft beers are unpasteurized, and many travel long distances successfully.

      Great Lakes beers are quite good, as are Bell's, Goose Island, New Glarus (only sold in WI last I heard) ...

      1. The very best of the midwest is Founders. Well, let me qualify that to say that the two best beers I have tasted out of the midwest are the Breakfast Stout and the Kentucky Breakfast Stout.

        All the others mentioned are also quite good.

        1. Wow, my favorite question!! Tyranena Brewing's Bitter Woman IPA
          Capital Brewery's Island Wheat, Fauerbach's Red Ale, Sprecher's Oktoberfest, New Glarus Brewery's Spotted Cow & Squirrel Nut Brown & Rasberry Tart. Two Brothers..anything they make is awesome, Great Lakes..Edmund Fitzgerald Porter and the list goes on..

          1. When I think of Midwest beers I immediately think of Three Floyd's Dreadnaught - rest of the lineup is pretty good too. Dreadnaught is my favorite beer out the hundreds I've tried.

            I also think of Bell's Two Hearted and Founder's Red's Rye and Black Rye. Sprecher Maibock is pretty special too but I haven't had the opportunity to drink it in the last two years.

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              Yeah, I second that. Dreadnaught IPA is the best beer on the planet... especially on Draft which you can't hardly find anymore. Alpha King Pale Ale is incredible, Behemoth is an other-worldly barleywine if you can find it.

              Bells has one brew that's in the "top of the class": their Expedition Stout. The 2-hearted is good too.

              But Three Floyds, those guys rule.