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Oct 2, 2006 11:19 PM

romantic birthday suggestions for dinner tomorrow night

I'm looking for a place in the Village to take my husband for his 27th birthday--casual, new american or italian, with some good fish on the menu...something with an intimate, cozy setting would be nice

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  1. I haven't been to Little Owl yet, on the corner of Grove & Bedford. However, I know that space (which used to be Chez Michallet), and it definitely qualifies as tiny. Other Hounds have had positive things to say about the food, and the menu on menupages lists several fish options.

    If you're willing to go to the LES, I highly recommend Tides, on Norfolk, b/t Rivington & Delancey, the teensy "shack" that's serving delicious fish and seafood. Stephen, the host/owner, is one of the nicest guys around and provides excellent service in a space which is cozy and intimate.

    1. some intimate, cozy places worthy of a hubbie's 27th birthday (sigh...)

      Little Owl (WV)
      Little Giant (LES)
      Prune (EV/LES)
      Savoy (SoHo)
      Sorrel (Prospect Heights, Bkln)

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