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Oct 2, 2006 10:58 PM

Taiwanese style milk tea in San Mateo, Foster City?

Hi guys,

My absolute favorite is Verde Milk Tea in Mountain View for straight up pearl milk tea.

Where can I find something that approximates this type of milk tea?

I have tried tapioca express, lollicup, quickly, as well as a bunch of other places in SF but have found them either in the Hong Kong Style or just plain yucky.

Please help, b/c I can't keep driving so far just for milk tea!

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  1. I don't know if it's Taiwanese style, but Broadway Bistro, Millbrae has a killer tapioca milk tea. It's very strong red tea, lots of flavor, better than the tapioca chains around, but I get a total caffine buzz after I drink it. The hot coffee/milk tapioca tea is delicious too.

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      Can't comment on the milk tea, but the other boba drinks at Broadway Bistro are very good. It's at 349 Broadway.

    2. Personally I prefer Tea Era in MV over Verde. Though I would if I could, drive further to Tea Station in Newark for something a little bit more modern/authentic (an unofficial branch of the Tea Station cafes operated by Ten Ren Southern California...Hacienda Heights, Irvine, Las Vegas, San Gabriel Valley).

      Verde has another location, in San Bruno, right off El Camino very close to Chu Kong and HK Pavillion (formerly old HK flower lounge) restaurant. It is just north of Millbrae.

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        Is the Millbrae location still there? I went looking for it the last time I was in the area (I thought it was on El Camino Real and Park Bl.) and couldn't find it.

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          There is a quickly in Millbrae on El Camino, a few doors up from The Kitchen. The one in San Bruno is across the side of the street from the furniture place/Korean restaurant. Not sure the cross street. That could be the northern end of Millbrae/San Bruno border, I'm not certain of the geographical boundaries for that area.

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            Verde Tea Cafe used to be at 105 Park Blvd. in Millbrae. Seems that it is now occupied by something called Sweet Island Cafe. The Verde Tea Cafe that used to be in the New Century Mall in San Jose is also gone.

      2. Sounds like that location was not profitable for Verde. As far I as remember the Cupertino location is still there.

        Fantasia on the other hand seems to be doing well enough that all their locations are still in business. Their tapioca pearls are probably the best.

        1. Taiwanese milk tea can be made using 1 bag of Lipton Yellow Label Black tea (or similar variation, Ceylon works pretty good) in about 1/4 mug of boiling water for 2 - 5 minutes. Then pick out the tea bag and squeeze out all the excess water for that extra flavor hit. Two teaspoons of raw sugar (or brown sugar, something more flavorsome that white sugar) should be added and can be varied to suit your taste. Fresh milk should be poured until about 1/2 til 3/4 of the mug is full (leave space for the ice!). Ice cubes can be added right away and you can drink it, but somehow I've discovered that leaving the mug in the fridge with some cling wrap for about 1/2 an hour can actually alter the taste to almost alike that milk tea chains.