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Croissant and NY Times

I'm taking a "sick day" tomorrow since it is my birthday. I am looking for a place that I can treat myself to a delicious croissant, espresso, and linger over the NY Times before heading out for a walk - so an interesting neighborhood is a criteria.

I am thinking maybe Patisserie Claude. J'Adore? Ceci Cela? Any other suggestions?


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  1. Patisserie Claude is great. La Bergamote is also very good and cute.

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        i'd third it. i was just there early monday morning myself. you could hit chelsea market and/or the art galleries afterward.

    1. Patisserie Claude's croissant are what makes a day off worth it. The pain au chocolat are divine. On weekends (the only times we make it there), we see good croissant-lovers hanging out with coffee and newspapers.

      BTW, Claude's coffee sucks, but who cares - if I had to force myself to drink it just so he continues making those croissants and apricot or peach tarts, I'll oblige.

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        I agree completely with your opinion of the croissants and the coffee. When I can,I grab a choc. croissant from Claude and a cup of coffee from Joe's on Waverly ,and sit in WSP.

      2. Definitely Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner building....third floor.

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          Yes!! And the BEST scones I've ever tasted!

        2. Another choice is Via Quadronno on the UES - wonderful espresso and, while I can't speak for their "straight" croissant - the almond one was delicious - even had a little chocolate tucked in for good measure. And close to the park and museums for a fun day off.

          1. Taralucci y vino (One on 1st ave and 10th, and one in Union Square). Divine croissants and espresso. Go early am and get croissants right out of the oven.

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              I went to the 1st and 10th Taralucci's twice on my trip to NY just ended. It was a great place to sit and read the paper with croissant and coffee. I'm not sure if it was the best croissant ever but it was pretty good and some other very nice looking pastries were being eaten as well.

            2. Patisserie Claude on W. 4 St.

              The Adore (not J'Adore!) on E. 12 St. btwn 5th & University Place

              Both have fantastic croissants and coffee, and a great atmosphere!

              1. Thanks for the quick feedback everyone!

                Went to Patisserie Claude this morning and it was everything I was looking for. I got a plain croissant and a pain au chocolate. Broke both in half to take home and ate the rest. I am still congratulating myself for my restraint!

                The coffee was so so as mentioned above, but everthing else was absolutely perfect!

                1. I would NOT go to J'Adore. The food and beverage there is not the problem. It's the location--right on 23rd off of 5th. This area is teeming with suits who work at Credit Suisse and adjacent firms. Remember, you're taking a day OFF from work. Better to breakfast somewhere less depressingly corporate.

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                    Oh, agreed - and I think their stuff is so mediocre, too. I like the staff and everyone at my office loves it, but I just think it's not worth the effort!

                  2. Ah Claude, I only wonder how many years we have left of his croissants and pain au chocolat before he's gone...

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                      Ah! Don't insinuate anything bad bestowed on this great man of croissants! His place has the only best croissants in NYC and I don't want him to leave for a long time.

                    2. Saint Ambreous. The croissants are sweeter rather than buttery, but completely delicious.

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                        Don't curse the Claude! I couldn't believe it. isn't it charming how they're all shaped so different? And what about the apricot tart? My eating partner bit into the artichoke quiche and told me with a straight face, "now I understand life"