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Oct 2, 2006 10:48 PM

Woodhouse Fish Co.

Went to WFC a week ago and had the Fried Calamari and a side of Cole Slaw. The calamari was tasteless and not at all crispy. The same with the onion rings that came with the calamari. They must have used the same batter. It's probably one of the worse calamari I've had. The cole slaw was just ok. Didn't try anything else, so not sure if the clams are any better.

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  1. whoa, i'm sorry to hear about your disappointing experience.

    i had just the opposite reaction when i tried it a few weeks ago. in fact, i loved it! got the crab melt with fries and a bowl of clam chowder. everything was rather tasty, and deliciously decadent. the chowder had huge chewy bits of clam, and the crab melt was incredible, on a crunchy-yet-soft buttery roll. even the fries, doused in malt vinegar, were wonderful.

    my friend got the fish and chips, which were also great.

    1. Yah, it's not terribly exciting food, and for the most part, I think the dishes err on the side of blandness, especially the chowder. I don't really understand all the glowing reviews, although I must admit that my palate tends to skew towards big flavors, not subtle ones. And I kinda liked World Sausage Grill, sigh.

      Still, for lunch, that $9 deal is totally worth it. I usually get the half-crab roll.

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        New England food is not highly spiced relying on the freshness of the (in this case fish and shell fish) if that isn't there , there is not much experience at Woodhouse has been favorable...but I haven't had the calamari yet...

      2. Everything our group ordered was outrageously boring and poorly executed. The fish and chips were left sitting on the counter and, when finally served, cold and sitting in grease. It seemed like they didn't have the fying oil at the right temperature. When we left we all smelled like deep fried smelt. I had to hang my jacket out the window all night to get rid of the smell.

        I mourn the loss of World Sausage Grill, as well. Habenero sausage with extra spicy mustard...I miss you.

        1. My girl and I went for lobster rolls and very much enjoyed them. (We ordered the larger size.) Very simple, just big chunks of fresh lobster with a light dressing on a decent roll. I'm a former east-coaster and can't eat lobster without butter, so I asked for (and received) a little melted butter, to which I added salt and then drizzled over the top. That really brought it into the realm of wonderful.

          1. I tried the fried Ipswich clams. Fried with the belly, it's more tender than the typical fried clam strips. Nice to try once, but not something I could afford often. On the other hand, when I look on the web for the same fried clams at the source on the East Coast, it looks like the same price.