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Oct 2, 2006 10:44 PM

Old NoVa Bakery

Calling old Arlingtonians. What was the bakery in the little mall on Columbia Pike and Glebe Road? It was an old-fashioned place that appeared to have been there since the 50's. They made the buns for the original 5 Guys, which was in the same mall.

Whatever the name was, I seem to recall seeing mention somewhere in the last year or so a bakery in Alexandria with the same name. I was wondering if there was any connection.

How's that for being vague?? Anybody able to help jog the aging memory?

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    1. Yeah, that was Brenner's.

      1. yep, that was it. Thanks.

        1. Way back, Brenner's Bakery had two outlets, the one in Arlington you are referring to, and one in the Belle View area south of Old Town. The one in Arlington closed and the Belle View location was sold and is under different ownership.

          1. I know this reply is 4 years late, but just an FYI...
            Brenner's Bakery of Arlington Closed back in December of 2001. Also, it was never affiliated with the Brenner's Bakery in Alexandria.