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Oct 2, 2006 10:35 PM

Smokehouse, Tally Rand, Auntie Em's, or none of the above?

I'm looking for a lunch spot in Burbank, or between Century City and Burbank.

Looking through past posts, I'm intrigued by Smokehouse in general, the chicken club at Tally Rand, and the cupcakes and shepherd pie at Auntie Em's.

There were only a few replies about any of these places, so I'm wondering if there are new opinions or an obvious choice of what's best these days. I don't really care what kind of food I end up eating, but would like a place that won't be a complete zoo for four people trying to eat early on a Sunday morning.

A cute place with delicious food would be ideal. TIA.

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  1. Hi... Big fan of Auntie Em's breakfasts (pancakes, turkey sausage, and seasonal fruitcups) and baked goods (not just the cupcakes). Casual and interesting for people watching, too. Reminds me of the golden age of venice beach from decades ago, if that ever really existed outside of my mind. I call it 21st century bohemian, in the best sense of the term...

    1. I like the Turkey melt at Tally Rand better than the chicken club. Get it with bacon and avocado and go crazy!

      Steve Doggie-Dogg

      1. Eliminate the Smokehouse unless you're 65+...kind of an old school place and the only highlight is their garlic bread.

        1. I'm way below 65 and I always enjoy the Smokehouse. The garlic cheese bread (it's not really garlic bread) is addictive but I also like their steaks and seafood. The fish and chips is especially good.

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            Smokehouse is so cool, it's got a great old-school vibe and the food is really good. We ate there last night and if you get there before 6, it's 25% off. The place was packed. Try it for nostalgic fun.

          2. I <<<WISH>>>> Auntie Em's had a branch in Burbank.