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Oct 2, 2006 10:31 PM

Say it ain't so, Joe! Ginger Joe-Joe's discountinued...

I had been looking and asking about them for a couple of weeks without a soild answer.

Then I confirmed it via a T.J.'s store manager over the weekend.

My snack crack is no longer. RIP Ginger Joe-Joe's.

Tis a shame because it was a fantastically unique and pleasure-center enhancing flavor combo.

A week or so ago, as a stopgap, I bought the Vanilla-flavored Joe's and only managed to get a couple down before I thought something was seriously wrong with them. I even took them back and asked for an exchange, but, alas, you know the story (I took store credit in lieu of).

I don't know if my life will ever be the same.

(I might be a little thinner, though. *wink*)

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    1. re: sweetTooth

      Sandwich cookies. I think they're better than Oreos. Oreos addicted hubby does not agree.

      1. re: writergirl

        Well, you are obviously the smart one in that pairing. ;)

        1. re: biscuit

          I haven't had the Joe-Joe's, but I've never liked one single Trader Joe's cookie. So the Oreos would suit me better too.

          That's a thing about TJ's. You can't count on them carrying an item indefinitely.

          1. re: Atomica

            Not a single one? Have you tried the Triple Ginger snaps or the pistachio ones or Almond Dark Chocolate Chunk? Which are your favorite non Trader Joe's cookies?

            1. re: sweetTooth

              Don't forget their Dunkers (especially the chocolate dipped ones). They are the gentleperson's biscotti (easier on my dental crowns)!

              1. re: sweetTooth

                No, not a single one. I occasionally buy a tub of cookies and am always disappointed. They are all over-the-top sweet and one note for me. Right now in my cupboard I have a tub of mostly uneaten "Captain's Cookies," which I should love because I love graham crackers, but they have a horrible, off, funky taste. I also have a tub of "Laceys Cookies, Dark Chocolate Almond." Those are like eating a bad overly sweet candy bar.

                1. re: sweetTooth

                  I love those triple ginger snaps. I think a nice cookie sandwich could be made from two of them.

                2. re: Atomica

                  Have you tried the Triple Ginger Snaps? Now THOSE are cookies they damn well better NOT get rid of!

                3. re: biscuit

                  I'm the smart one, he's the lucky one! ;-)

            2. Newman's Own has Ginger Os...maybe that would do?

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              1. re: LisaAZ

                indeed. that could be a good substitute. i'll have a try.

              2. What about the Carr's Ginger creams. Those are good, and my Trader Joe's has them, I've seen them at other stores as well.

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                1. re: LisaN

                  those aren't bad, but not quite the same experience.

                2. I feel your pain because we were devastated when they discontinued the PB Joe-Joes. They were delightful! The peanut butter wasn't too sweet and the combination with the chocolate cookie so satisfying. And no trans fat! The remaining Joe-Joe varieties just aren't the same.

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                  1. re: Laurella

                    Wow, those must have been great. I'm sorry I missed them. I didn't even know that flavor existed.

                  2. Noooooo! The Ginger Jo Jo's are no more?! Now I know why I havent been able to find them. It does appear that they have more chocolate/vanilla combinations of cracker and cream though.