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Oct 2, 2006 10:14 PM

BevMo Review

Hubby and I made a foray to BevMo this Sunday.
From what I understand, BevMo is a So. Ca wine chain that also has sake, cigars, caviar, cheese, goodies and some glassware.

It was 11amish, but they were doing free wine tastings, heh. We oenophile-wanna-bes tasted some Chilean red wine we'd never heard of - a varietal? that starts with a "c" - one word, that tasted like a yummy cab sauv. Beringer was also on hand - didn't like their pinot noirs at all though - too fruit juic-y, not at all like the good pinots we've had.

Don't know if they will always have free wine tastings there, or if it was for the grand opening. They do have the best selection I've seen in AZ, so I highly recommend ya'll go check it out...

BevMo is located right next door to Jason's Deli on the I-10 and Ray. I think there's a Red Lobster in the far corner of the strip mall...

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  1. Guessing the Chilean wine was Cousino-Maçul?

    Nice stuff...the label that got me "into" wine.

    We were just in LA and saw a BevMo, but impending car
    repairs stopped us from going in.

    They are like Trader Joes for alcoholics.

    1. The varietal was Carmenère, a grape originally grown around Bordeaux, but now found mostly in Chile, sometimes as a varietal, sometimes in a blend.


      1. Ed - Thanks, that was it Carmenere. Quite good.

        GG - Trader Joe's for alcoholics - that is funny! I wish there were more TJs around here...

        1. I enjoyed my visit over the weekend. It was of course very busy, which made it a bit frustrating to check out the entire store at that time. I noticed they have a lot of good deals (or frequent specials) on decent wines; however, overall the wine isn't any cheaper than your average grocery store. The thing that sets BevMo apart is it's large, "one-stop-shopping" environment, and it's overall variety.

          I live near the store. Will be visiting often.

          1. I went there this past Monday and enjoyed it quite a bit. I'm a cocktailian, so my wandering there focused on the liquors. I was certainly impressed by their selection, and the prices are very good too. I was also pleased when I managed to stump a high-end distributor representative by asking about Peychaud's Bitters, the essential ingredient in a Sazerac cocktail.