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Stove Top Stuffing Challenge

My family loves stuffing, and every Thanksgiving recently we've tried to make one homeade and some stovetop, because it's easy, and because it usually provides a nice counterpart to the fruity ones.

In any case, in an abundance of enthusiasm last year, I bought stove top at costco. Regular and cornbread. I still have at least 4 or 5 packages left over, and I am sick to death of stovetop. I can't even think of eating it as stuffing, and I'm afraid of the implications for t day this year.

So what do I do with it? Yes I could throw it out or give it to a food bank, but are there creative ways to cook with it? Topping for a casserole? Thicken a soup? Croutons for salad? Any ideas to make it taste less like stuffing?

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  1. My family ALWAYS makes boxed stuffing in a glass cake dish. Make it crispy.. maybe that would help. Crispy changes the texture and adding things changes the flavor. My mother taught me to use Ms. Cubbingsons seasoned cornbread. I make it with 1 cube of melted unsalted butter, 1 can unsalted chicken broth, chopped water chestnuts,chopped red onions, chopped and peeled tart apples or cranberries, chopped and lightly toasted pecans. Bake the whole thing in a glass cake pan until brown and toasty on top about 25 minutes or so. It's really yummy this way. :)KQ

    1. I haven't made it in awhile (well probably 15 years) but my family had a recipe for "chicken divan" which involved stove top stuffing as a topping. If I recall it was cooked cut up chix on the bottom, then a layer of blanched broccoli, then a sauce consisting of (of course) cream of mushroom soup with some milk and perhaps a touch of Hellmans, then some shredded cheddar, then the stove top. Bake till bubbly. Very tasty, but my kids won't eat this sort of thing--

      1. Off the top of my head...what about using the stuffing mix as breadcrumbs? You could coat chicken breasts, fish, pork chops, etc. You might be able to make some sort of fried chicken using the breadcrumbs instead of something like corn flakes. Another option would be to incorporate the mix into a meatloaf recipe.

        1. Use it as a stuffing for something a little different. I've actually put in in quail, then grilled them. Pretty delicious actually.

          1. http://www.kraftfoods.com/main.aspx?s...


            Okay, these are totally non "chowhoundish" but I've made the second of the two and it wasn't bad. Easy for a quick fix meal when you're on a busy schedule. Also a way to "get rid" of the stove top.

            1. Use it in place of breadcrumbs in meatloaf or salmon cakes

              1. Make spinach balls! They are great little appetizers or snacks - hot or cold.
                2 boxes frozen spinach (thawed and drained)
                2-3 cups stovetop
                1 egg
                salt, pepper
                1 cup parm cheese
                1 med minced onion (lightly sauteed)
                1/2 stick butter

                Mix it all together, form as meatballs and cook in over on cookie sheet (may need drip pan underneath)

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                1. The Kraft Foods website has a variation on the spinach balls recipe and you can search for recipes by listing "Stovetop" as an ingredient, so I imagine there's much more to be found on the site.

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                    I recently tried their "Bruschetta Chicken Bake" recipe. Not bad but a little on the salty side. It's basically a casserole using the stuffing, diced tomatoes, garlic, chicken, basil, and mozzarella cheese.

                  2. One of my very favorite foods is Turkey hash. Usually made from turkey dinner leftovers, but I often make it from scratch.

                    Basically it's a casserole of traditional stuffing with herbs, onion and celery, combined with turkey meat and turkey gravy.

                    1. My dad likes to use stove top (or stove top style) stuffing mix to make an excellent dish of broiled cod fillets.

                      He prepares the stuffing on the stove, usually swapping out part of the seasoning for his own blend of herbs, then he mounds the stuffing on a baking sheet. He then drapes wilted (and cooled) escarole leaves over the stuffing, places a slice of lemon, and drapes the fish fillet over that whole escarole stuffing mountain.

                      He broils the whole tray until the fillets are just opaque, then right before serving he drizzles on some lemon juice and a drops a couple of capers on top.

                      Its pretty good, and it gets rid of the stuffing.

                      1. With apologies to Mzaggie, above. Expounding on her posting. A few years ago I got a recipe from a magazine or off a cable cooking show for meatloaf using stuffing mix. I just do it by guess now. A six ounce bag of stuffing. 2 eggs, a chopped onion, sometimes celery chopped quite fine, 2 lb lean ground beef, spices, a cup of broth or water. Sometimes stuff it (or rather enclosed layer) cheese and/or chopped spinach. Catsup or bbq sauce on top. 375 for an hour or so. Thermometer @160 is done. I probably can't find the original recipe.

                        Tastes very good.

                        1. Second use as croutons,and breading component. We do a buffet dish that everyone seems to enjoy- use 1/2 potatoes (russet cuz they break down more)- just chop in rough chunks about the size of dice (the gambling kind)and simmer or nuke in some chicken stock. When tender, drain most of water(they will absorb some more), and make the Stovetop per directions. Add fresh flat leaf parsley stirred in before serving. For a full meal stir in cooked sausage chunks and some egg and bake briefly to set or nuke to set egg. A very mustardy sharp vinegary dressing on some mixed, including bitter, greens is a good side.

                          1. hushpuppies...roll them in little balls and deep fry it!

                            1. old post, but anyhoo...

                              treat it like polenta. make it with a little extra liquid and/or egg white/whole egg, then bake, cool and cut out with glass or cookie cutter... dip in little egg beaten w/ milk and coat in panko crumbs. fry in butter. serve with gravy and a poached egg or turkey/chicken.

                              this may not be *different* enough, but it makes a great layer on a turkey sandwich... layer bread, butter, mashed potato, turkey, gravy soaked bread slice, stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce, buttered bread.

                              quasi bread stuffing pudding... egg, milk chicken, stuffing mix, tomato, mushrooms, ricotta cheese, onions, parmesan or other cheese, etc.

                              crush more in food processor and bind crab or salmon cakes, and/or use as coating for formed patties, once in crumbs. or use the crumbs for a zucchini blossom stuffing or stuffed mushroom caps.

                              armadillo eggs http://www.bigoven.com/163373-Armadil...

                              broccoli casserole http://www.bigoven.com/158496-Broccol...

                              meatballs http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf95576903....

                              quiche http://dinneronadime.blogspot.com/200...

                              1. I know you are sick of stuffing… BUT…my mom was a master at making various, incredible stuffings out of StoveTop. I’m not sure why, as she was a really good cook. Btu we were Cajun and she grew up with a boxed is better mentality when it came to certain things. It certainly is easier.

                                Anyway… our family’s Cajun seafood stuffing is incredible. It is not an exact science, but I am giving you a good estimation of what we do. You could do various versions even of this one, but what we tend to use is Shrimp and crabmeat,

                                Prepare 2 boxes of Stove Top (cornbread or chicken flavor) making it with chicken broth, not water.

                                In the meantime, saute in a large pot a lot of chopped onion (one or two), green onion (one bunch), celery (67 or 8 ribs), minced garlic and green and red pepper in one stick of butter. The amount of vegetables you use really depends on how ‘veggie’ you want your stuffing. I sauté a chopped jalepeno with it to give it a nice little kick. A jar or two of pimentos is good to add to the sauté as well.

                                Combine the vegetables with the prepared stuffing in a large bowl.

                                Add and mix in the bowl:

                                one can cream of chicken soup
                                one can cream of mushroom soup
                                1 lb lump crabmeat (raw)
                                one lb chopped cooked shrimp

                                (If you want a really dense seafood experience, you can easily double the seafood amounts)

                                Pour into casserole dishes, dot with butter and bake on 350 about 30-40 minutes.

                                Really, really good stuff, um, stuffing.