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Oct 2, 2006 10:05 PM

Stove Top Stuffing Challenge

My family loves stuffing, and every Thanksgiving recently we've tried to make one homeade and some stovetop, because it's easy, and because it usually provides a nice counterpart to the fruity ones.

In any case, in an abundance of enthusiasm last year, I bought stove top at costco. Regular and cornbread. I still have at least 4 or 5 packages left over, and I am sick to death of stovetop. I can't even think of eating it as stuffing, and I'm afraid of the implications for t day this year.

So what do I do with it? Yes I could throw it out or give it to a food bank, but are there creative ways to cook with it? Topping for a casserole? Thicken a soup? Croutons for salad? Any ideas to make it taste less like stuffing?

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  1. My family ALWAYS makes boxed stuffing in a glass cake dish. Make it crispy.. maybe that would help. Crispy changes the texture and adding things changes the flavor. My mother taught me to use Ms. Cubbingsons seasoned cornbread. I make it with 1 cube of melted unsalted butter, 1 can unsalted chicken broth, chopped water chestnuts,chopped red onions, chopped and peeled tart apples or cranberries, chopped and lightly toasted pecans. Bake the whole thing in a glass cake pan until brown and toasty on top about 25 minutes or so. It's really yummy this way. :)KQ

    1. I haven't made it in awhile (well probably 15 years) but my family had a recipe for "chicken divan" which involved stove top stuffing as a topping. If I recall it was cooked cut up chix on the bottom, then a layer of blanched broccoli, then a sauce consisting of (of course) cream of mushroom soup with some milk and perhaps a touch of Hellmans, then some shredded cheddar, then the stove top. Bake till bubbly. Very tasty, but my kids won't eat this sort of thing--

      1. Off the top of my head...what about using the stuffing mix as breadcrumbs? You could coat chicken breasts, fish, pork chops, etc. You might be able to make some sort of fried chicken using the breadcrumbs instead of something like corn flakes. Another option would be to incorporate the mix into a meatloaf recipe.

        1. Use it as a stuffing for something a little different. I've actually put in in quail, then grilled them. Pretty delicious actually.



            Okay, these are totally non "chowhoundish" but I've made the second of the two and it wasn't bad. Easy for a quick fix meal when you're on a busy schedule. Also a way to "get rid" of the stove top.