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Oct 2, 2006 09:58 PM

Kitchen Confidential...Bourdain's experience in NYC....

Not sure if this is on the right board, but I just re-read this book and was curious, once again, as to the places this guy worked at here in NYC. He mentions several but does not name most of them (WPA in Soho is one exeption, as I recall)...does anyone know his background as a chef? Just curious...thanks...

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  1. I thought he mentioned half a dozen of them. In any case, the cover shows him standing in front of Les Halles.

    1. I know about Les Halles...but there are several places he discuses in NYC that he does not mention by name...way before he went to Les Halles..

      1. I think in many cases the names were omitted to protect... the guilty! (Or the publisher -- no one likes a libel lawsuit. ;-)

        1. Doesn't he mention the Waldorf, or Top of the 6s?

          1. Don't forget The Rainbow Room.