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Oct 2, 2006 09:51 PM

fresh turkey for thanksgiving

Where is your favourite butcher to use for a good quality fresh turkey at a reasonable price? Please suggest for the Toronto area only, Thanks

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  1. St. Lawrence Market. I usually go to De Liso's. If you have special requirements for a turkey, i.e. free range, hormone-free, and/or less than 12 pounds, you must place an order. If you show up that Saturday, the smallest you will likely get is a 16 pounder. Been there, done that. I had lots of leftovers that year!

    1. I always order from Fresh From the Farm -- a small Mennonite store front on Donlands, just south of O'Connor.

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      1. re: TorontoJo

        That's where I'm getting mine too - a 20-pounder this year ;-)

        1. re: pâté chinois

          Woohoo! Have fun roasting that bird! I'm getting two 15-pounders... but I only have to roast one of them. :)

      2. Perhaps it's excess cynicism but I've stopped gifting butcher shops with purchases of Thanksgiving+Xmas birds. I've found them consistently over-priced and rarely even close to the weight I ordered. Whip-in occasional fulfillemnt problems, less-than-Grade A birds(mangled/missing limbs+torn skin), and occasional freshness issues, and you've got a believer doubting the probity of the local meat shop. I've been buying fresh Lilydale birds from Costco the past couple of holiday seasons with absolutely no regrets. The savings go to wine upgrades, anyway.

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          I've tried fresh, free-range, organic and all the other yuppie approaches. In the end, Turkey is turkey. It is a big lump of meat that is hard to flavor beyond the the outer area. Buy one anywhere and brine it. That's the best you can do.

        2. I'm not sure about reasonable but Cumbrae's on Church moves a lot of fresh turkeys for seasonal events; although it might be too late to order on time at this point.

          1. you can still order from cumbraes on church or bayview. someone who orders their turkeys there told me they were like crack (as in addictive and they need to have them). I havent tried one yet myself.