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Where did My Place Fish and Chips go? (Scarborough)

Does anyone know if this Victoria Park south of Ellesmere fish and chip shop relocate?

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  1. I'm surprised to hear this. Is there a "For Lease" sign on the window?

    1. The plaze is being demolished and I miss my fish and chips.

      1. My Place Fish and Chips has opened up their new location on the east side of Victoria Park Ave in the Plaza across the street from the Sprint Building south of Shepherd Ave.

        1. my place fish and chips is on Victoria Park just south of Sheppard on the east side. I have heard it's great--I will try soon.

          1. St Andrews in the Strip mall at Ellesmere and Brimley just outside if Scarborough Town Center is fabulous too...

            1. I went there for lunch today. Same owners, same menu. Thank goodness they've re-opened.

              My Place Fish & Chips
              2577 Victoria Park Ave.

              It's the in the Esquire Plaza, which is on the south-east corner of Victoria Park and Sheppard. It's the plaza beside Johnny's Burgers - I assume every Chowhound knows where Johnny's is, right?. :-)

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                I work right at Vic Park and Sheppard and Johnny burgers rock! You must try that burger joint! If you go in at a busy time such as lunch its kinda like being in a Seinfeld show like the "soup nazi" they do the same there sort of, as its so busy, and they try to get you in and out as fast, as folks all around come in and outta of there so quickly...I will try that fish and chips shop. Speaking of which my favorite is just down the street at Main and Danfourth Duckworths..now thats also a fish and chip shop. Tour boi

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                  I have had three different jobs at Vic Park & Sheppard - first, as a teenager at a gas station (now gone), then, ten years later at Lansing Square, and six years later, in one of the high rise towers. Each time, I returned to Johnny's for lunch, and each time, he looked at me for a second, and then said "Hey Texaco - cheeseburger?".

                  But you are so spoiled there; now I work at Finch and Markham Road, and there's nothing but McD's and sub shops around - there isn't a decent burger for miles. Plus you have Noodle Delight, the Esquire - and is Honey Bear Fried Chicken still around? - and Harvey's when you want to sit inside. I envy you!

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                    Not only that Kevin B there is also in the strip mall an Athens Pastery...ever hear of that place? The one I have been to is in
                    the Greek Village, excellent Greek flakey pasteries with custard and those (oh) sweet juicy donut thingys, cant pronounce them or spell them. Perhaps someone else here does. The coffees not too bad either. Tour

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                      KevinB, your story reminds me of a coworker who used to go to Johnny's when he was at Seneca College. We went there for lunch recently, and as he was reminiscing about his college days while perusing the menu, the guy behind the counter got impatient and said, "What?? Our menu hasn't changed for 20 years!" What can I say? Great place, great staff!

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                      Tour boi wrote: "my favorite is just down the street at Main and Danfourth Duckworths..now thats also a fish and chip shop."

                      I find Duckworth fish and chips comparatively tasteless. My preference is what you get from a fish and chip shop in the plaza at the intersection of Danforth Road and Birchmount Ave. Big, tasty portions, cheerful service. Sorry I don't recall the name of the place, but the guy who owns it knows his fish and chips!

                      1. re: Bob Catt

                        Uncle Harry's, I believe

                        Uncle Harry's
                        462 Birchmount Rd, Toronto, ON M1K1N8, CA

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                      Johnny's .. wow does that bring back memories . i have no idea when they opened but it was our hang out spot when i was in high school in early 1970's . my wife and i ate there about 5 years ago and other than the prices it was exactly as we remembered it . hey why change something if it works , right ?

                    4. Thought we'd try My Place today, but fyi its closed Sundays. So we said let's eat at Johnnys, but fyi they're closed Sundays too. So picked up a spinach and cheese pie each from Athens, also loukamades those dessert balls that squirt in your mouth, good as usual but we prefer fresh. Ended up at Steak Queen, haven't been since management changed and won't be going back. They were short staffed today so the one guy there rushed cooking my wings and fries, i'd have preferred he took his time to get it done right.