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Oct 2, 2006 09:43 PM

Where did My Place Fish and Chips go? (Scarborough)

Does anyone know if this Victoria Park south of Ellesmere fish and chip shop relocate?

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  1. I'm surprised to hear this. Is there a "For Lease" sign on the window?

    1. The plaze is being demolished and I miss my fish and chips.

      1. My Place Fish and Chips has opened up their new location on the east side of Victoria Park Ave in the Plaza across the street from the Sprint Building south of Shepherd Ave.

        1. my place fish and chips is on Victoria Park just south of Sheppard on the east side. I have heard it's great--I will try soon.

          1. St Andrews in the Strip mall at Ellesmere and Brimley just outside if Scarborough Town Center is fabulous too...